Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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  • Hi, I have spent the last 27 years wondering if my one manic episode at age 20 was just a fluke. Delusional and hospitalized on heavy meds for 5 weeks and months longer to recover, diagnosed with “bipolar” before bipolar was popular. Told I would be on meds the rest of my life. I stopped taking my “meds” several weeks after leaving the hospital, and thankfully my family had enough faith in me not to push me back into it. I graduated from prestigious college (the first one in my family to do so), traveled Europe, got a masters degree, married, had three sons. All the while off and on struggling with certain issues, I wondered “should I be on meds?” it wasn’t until I started researching blogs like yours a couple of years back that I stopped doubting myself and started believing. When my son with attention issued had his MD tell him (after knowing him for all of five minutes) that he should be on meds, I knew that would never happen. When I moved away from my parents three years ago, and then my father died, I started having “depersonalization” episodes. I still have them though less in frequency, I pray a lot. I am also a social worker and was drawn to your blog since you are also a social worker. I tell my patients to be on the lowest safest dose of whatever pscyh med they are on, and if that is none fine none is an option. My older brother was also mentally ill, for five years in some pretty bad places. He doesn’t take meds either and leads a nice life for the past 25 years. I believe if we had stayed on meds, life would have been very different for us. Thanks for letting me share, and thanks for sharing your story…I look forward to reading your posts