Monday, December 5, 2022

Comments by Damocle

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  • I am Russian and I can say that Russians certainly do not have “a neurological understanding far beyond the usual stuff”.

    In fact, Russian scientists are very ignorant and backward, and psychiatry here is just as bad as everywhere or even worse because stuff like haloperidol or amitriptyline is still prescribed routinely. However, due to the strict drug policies, you can’t find Ritalin, bupropion or modafinil here. Here is only one benzodiazepine available (Phenazepam), however it is very widely prescribed and not long ago there was not even prescription needed for this drug.

    Russian scientists study very enthusiastically “nootropics” like noopept or piracetam, which civilized world abandoned a long time ago.

    So I can tell you that Russians certainly don’t have any “revelations” about the brain beyond the West understanding, nor is here more humane and delicate approach to the human psyche.

    I agree that some scientists from USSR achieved some breakthrough results, but now there is nothing unusual happening in Russian science. Sad, but true.

    I wonder why even JP does detox in Russia and not somewhere else?