Friday, September 24, 2021

Comments by Bob1999

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  • I think labeling is something that will never go away. It is a necessary tool, that we humans use everyday, which helps us make sense of and communicate about our world.

    I do however hope that we as a community can work to erase the negative stigma, emotions, and self-doubt associated with mental illness. I think psychiatry is moving in the right directions and beginning to adopt the fact that recovery from mental illness is possible, and no longer a life-long diagnosis, into psychiatric dogma.

  • Any physician (including psychiatrists) is ethically and legally obligated to receive informed consent before beginning any medical intervention. This includes explaining: the risks and benefits of a proposed treatment or procedure; alternatives (regardless of their cost or the extent to which the treatment options are covered by health insurance); the risks and benefits of the alternative treatment or procedure; and the risks and benefits of not receiving or undergoing a treatment or procedure. If your physician fails to obtain informed consent, I would seriously consider finding another more qualified physician.

    Ultimately physicians, nurses, social workers and family should strive to work as a team, rather than act antagonistically, and foster healing, trust, understanding and compassion among patients and the community as a whole.