Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Hi
    I am a first time poster and I saw your piece on Facebook. I am in Ireland and I am an advocate of mental health reforms and suicide awareness in my area.
    You intervened at a time when your friend truly needed an intervention and he will always be grateful to you for that, so will his family and friends, and those of us around the world who read this.
    He picked up the phone when he was in a black place and this is difficult to do, I know.
    I raise awareness over here and am organising a vigil on September 10th for International Suicide Day, where we remember those who lost.
    I have also set up a writing intervention which is getting press all over the world, including the US. It is aimed at those who will not pick up that telephone or seek help. You might be interested in it, you can view it on and I have a Facebook page of the same name. We are all in this fight together and a s a person who survived it this is my way of helping.
    Kind regards