Thursday, August 11, 2022

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  • I live in the Canadian arctic. You cannot understand this situation without factoring in residential school trauma, education, employment, housing, correctional services, addiction services, food security, medical care and the cost of living. All are failures on a grand scale.

    It is criminal the way we treat our people.

    The world is watching.

  • The power of labels needs to end.

    “When mom was frantically trying to convince the ministry that the sexual abuse allegations were real, they basically labelled her as crazy. And the more she protested, the more she was labelled as being crazy,” Hittrich told CBC.

    The wrongful conduct “ranges from intentional misconduct, bad faith, reckless disregard for their obligation to protect children … to unreasonably supporting the … the children’s father even if it meant he sexually abused them,” he wrote.

    Thanks in no small part to the mother, in her distress, being labelled mentally ill by the abusive father.

  • I look at it from another viewpoint.

    If you were David and you read your medical files and saw this written about you, would you feel threatened, would you trust your parent, would you trust the person who wrote it to care for you? Or, would you walk away devastated and betrayed never to try again.

    The analytical approach loses the humanity that those in emotional distress need so very much.

  • Not all labels are created equal. This is a perfect example of a false equivalency.

    “There is another side to this. When a person’s weight is above the 95th percentile, they are labeled as obese by the medical profession. When their blood pressure is 140/90, they are labeled as hypertensive. I wonder. Should these labels exist? Do these labels result in stigma? ”

    If you are labeled obese is your opinion negated? Are you deemed incapable of thinking for yourself? Is it felt that you can not make basic life conditions? Are you greeted with fear and suspicion?

  • I write this as a woman with a significant physical disability and the resultant emotional challenges that go along with that.

    When seeking help navigating the emotional impacts while distress I have received different diagnosis from each psychiatrist I’ve seen. (never get to see the same one twice) I’ve been labelled, depressed, paranoid, bipolar, borderline and suicidal. Those labels are part of my permanent medical and mental health records for the rest of my life viewable by anyone in my circle of care. I have witnessed new doctors read my chart and seen their faces change. These labels are garbage. These labels have irreparably harmed me, my reputation and my credibility and not provided me with any benefit. I am viewed as flawed or dangerous and needing to be drugged. In Canada there is no requirement for a psychiatric label in order to receive counseling or services unlike the states.

    Yet when I tell people I have a diagnosis of MS and need a foot brace or a cane the diagnosis is useful in helping me get what I need. MS is not dangerous, threatening or a reflection on my character – there is a lot of discrimination in employment and such but not in getting medical services.

    Psychosocial labels are too often inaccurate and inflammatory and wildly unscientific – they feed the stereotypes that harm innocent people seeking relief from psychic pain. Until that is fixed you can take your positive benefits and put them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • My dr in Victoria, BC prescribed a ‘Z’ sleep aid for over 2 years. I had NO idea that this wasn’t okay. The only reason I stopped is because I was worried about the dependency. Not once did any doctor or pharmacy say anything to me about how I was misusing that prescription. In BC all prescriptions are tracked – the pharmacy knew.

  • Cannot say, I read this as saying that people who had a lack of adaptive coping, rumination and self-blame were more likely to experience depression and anxiety as opposed to a supposed chemical imbalance.

    The paragraph shown is not clearly written. Would benefit by more plain and simple language. I’m still not entirely sure I’ve gotten it correct after reading it 3-4 times!

  • I’ve just created an account so I could make a similar reply. The last 4 paragraphs are stunning. Instead of seeing in a straight rigid line we should be looking around corners.

    I’ve ‘done’ psychiatry and am now trying counselling without labels and stigma. I hope I can soon stop waiting for the weight of a label to be dropped on me.

    “Revolution is the word and the answer and it always has been. It is the sure path to personal and societal freedom and transformation. If we listen to our hearts and not so much to our heads, the right direction will keep being shown to us of how to proceed.”