Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Bravo! I liked a few lines especially: “restoring a sense of personal power are crucial goals of trauma informed care… develop a sense of mastery and control.” And, “the person is the expert on themselves and has the capacity to heal.”

    Something inside of me always felt that, although a professional might be learned in treating ailments from a systematic perspective, there should be no one more knowledgeable on my specific condition than me. I believe that at the beginning of any healing, there should be the ailing person themselves, spearheading the effort, and always lighting the way for the professional at each turn. Such an approach seems to be so much more efficient in reaching true recovery.

    Wayne, That last paragraph brought it home, and you left on such a profound note: Indeed, diagnosis isn’t the starting point. Imagine how many years of pain and suffering we (well, you and your colleagues, I’m not a professional) are missing and skipping over, that may very well assist in finding the “real” diagnosis! It’s as if we are not human beings with unique features and experiences. What’s a diagnosis anyway without examining one’s past experiences that may have brought them here. Not a diagnosis at all, really. Again, it’s a case of treating the symptom, but not the cause. With a system like that, the symptoms WILL inevitably resurface again and again—the cause is still there, and the pill is just a temporarily soothing cover up.

    What’s worse, is that people become dependent on that treatment, and perhaps addicted, which may very well create yet another reason for “diagnosis”, and further “treatment”. A never ending cycle that hardly ever ends in real recovery.

    Thank you Wayne. Good post.