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  • SSRIs are only studied for 8 weeks. If you take them longer than 8 weeks, you become an experimental subject. SSRIs have dire long term side effects. There are 268 of them including drug-induced Parkinson’s disease, tardive dyskinesia (permanent movement disorders), diabetes, hair loss, problems with the nails, not to mention suicide and homicide tendencies. In my opinion, no child should be on any psychiatric drugs. Parents could buy and read Jeff Bland’s book, “The Disease Delusion”. Use the real new medicine…functional medicine. That is my experience and opinion.

    The University of Toronto psychiatrist, David Goldbloom, recommends to family physicians in his book, “Psychiatry in Primary Care”…..lifelong medication. That has become the standard of care even though it is an experiment.

  • This article by Robert Bahlieda, principal for 37 years, should be read and considered by those people concerned with the future of our schools…..

    The previous superintendent of schools, Chris Spence, was not only superintendent of TDSB but also on the Board of Directors for CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). He worked with psychiatrist Stan Kutcher to develop the current mental health programme in schools.

    The superintendents and trustees should be investigated for conflict of interest concerning profits from antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs. When you do Stan Kutcher’s pre-seminar questionnaire for teachers, he is already promoting antipsychotic drugs for children. These drugs cause permanent movement disorders called “tardive kyskinesia” as well as diabetes and abnormal weight gain. The makers of antipsychotics, Lundbeck, has sponsored some of Dr. Kutcher’s books – a fact fine with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

    My own trustee in the Danforth area works for a children’s psychiatric centre which promotes the use of psychiatric drugs.

    Please consider this statement by the psychiatrist, Heinz Lehmann, which is located in the book “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 – Use by Normal Humans”…..”The sense of achievement, i.e. the gut feeling ‘I have done something quite well’ is an experience which can probably be induced by pharmacological means.” This, of course, is the foundation for putting children on methylphenidates and amphetamines. Considering that Heinz Lehmann came from Nazi Germany in 1938 to experiment on the kids of Quebec, the Duplessis Orphans, to develop electroshock, insulin shock, the chemical lobotomy chlorpromazine and brain operations, we realize the SOURCE of these ideas. It is time to change as the plan is forging ahead with government and psychiatry planning to drug our children and march forward with experiments.

    I always have to read books to remember what the medical profession can do, will do, will get away with and will be awarded for….google “Petition to the Vatican by the Duplessis Orphans” for a reminder. Please….don’t let it happen again.

  • Why play Russian Roulette with these drugs? Why get children addicted to psychotropic drugs in school? In his book, “Psychiatry in Primary Care”, the head of the Mental Health Commission, psychiatrist David Goldbloom (along with psychiatrist Jon Davine – look him up on RateMDs) talks about lifelong medication to family doctors. Antidepressants have only been studied for 4 – 8 weeks. David Goldbloom recommends antidepressants and antipsychotics in pregnancy and if they don’t work, ECT (electroconvulsive shock). That entails 12 general anaesthetics. I filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons about that and they agreed with that treatment of pregnant women by psychiatry. The Health Review Board also agreed and so did the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Psychiatrist, Shaila Misri, and the University of British Columbia helped create “peripsychiatry” – psychiatry and psychiatric drugs and ECT for pregnant women. Gideon Koren runs the Motherisk programme at Sick Children’s Hospital. He is also in favour of keeping pregnant and nursing mothers on their drugs. Check the website of the College of Physicians for his history.


    Dear Mr. Bellows, The above is a link to the next round of experiments on Canadian Indian children by the Boekh Foundation. That foundation is from Quebec, I believe. I attended a conference to research their experiments – Stan Kutcher attended it and several psychiatrists from Douglas Hospital as well as the head of the Boekh Foundation. Douglas Hospital is the modern name for Verdun where many Duplessis Orphans died during experiments by psychiatrist, Heinz Lehmann and company in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

    The Boekh Foundation made it very clear that they had put a lot of money into researching psychotropic drugs and they wanted their “payback”. That is the word they used. Unfortunately, we can’t get the freaks under control nor can any Canadian as, I believe, the policies come from Tavistock in England. Please warn this First Nations reserve about the above experiment. Only we, the public, can get other public paying attention. Otherwise, we are all doomed.

  • I would suggest that anyone seriously interested in their future and the future of their children, born and unborn, order the book, “Psychiatry in Primary Care: A Concise Canadian Pocket Guide” by David S. Goldbloom (psychiatrist and head of the Mental Health Commission) and Jon Davine, psychiatrist. It is published by CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto). The number is 1-800-661-1111, email: [email protected]. This book was written for your family doctor. It advocates life long medication and ECT if that doesn’t work. I started highlighting the references to ECT. It also teaches doctors how to make a diagnosis in less than 5 minutes.

    We have a young woman who comes to our clinic from CAMH. She refuses to take the depo injections of antipsychotics (2 weeks in one shot) so they will not let her out. She is brought to us in shackles with 2 guards to get her functional medical care.

    One of our elderly men was involuntarily committed several times one summer. They finally gave him a depo injection of Risperidal and sent him back to his family. He went home and poisoned himself to death within 48 hours. The College of Physicians and Surgeons did nothing.

    I found out that people can be drugged into mental illness and trafficked to mental hospitals when they did that to my own elderly mother in August, 2000. She had no history of psychiatric care. She was deliberately given hallucinogens and tested under the influence. It is a long story, 4 complaints to the College and 2 Health Review Boards and the doctors did nothing wrong. Just a warning: if you are so audacious as to complain, they will always send you the bad news by courier just before Christmas, a family holiday, Canada Day or your birthday. That is an operation on your morale.

    One word of knowledge: you cannot complain to the Ontario Ombudsman about the College of Physicians or any doctor but you can file a complaint against the Ontario Health Review Board since they are under government. It varies in different provinces, though. In Nova Scotia, there is no appeal as I found out when I filed a complaint against one of the co-authors of Paxil Study 329. You cannot sue a drug company in Canada either.

    Wake up, world. This is a vicious operation that is nearly impossible to fight against. The whole shebang is designed to destroy those who try to fight back. The only hope we have is to educate the public. So if you want to keep your child safe, prevent your Mom or Dad from being committed, and if you want to live your life in peace, print this article and give it to your friends and family or send the link. Please do.

  • Count me in, Ted. Email me at our clinic – [email protected] – and I’ll give you my personal email. If we don’t effectively fight back, psychiatry will succeed as they have the power and infrastructure to boggle the mind. And they will do anything to “help” people as expressed by the leader of MK ULTRA – George Hamilton White. On retiring, he told the psychiatrist, Sidney Gottlieb…..”It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest?”

    In a documentary on Camp X (the “School of Mayhem and Murder” in Oshawa in the 40s), one of the spies – still alive at age 90, spilled the beans. He said, “Do you know why I am still alive? Have you ever heard the saying – THE GOOD DIE YOUNG?” We’ll all be dead, Ted, leaving the evil behind us and a trail of drug addicts, ruined economy, birth defects and this evil mental health movement meant to created a society of psychotropically drugged consumers.

  • This so-called mental health initiative has a fraudulent history. In 2010, psychiatrists filed a SLAPP suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation) against individuals who were outspoken about the drugging of children with psychotropic drugs. It was a $5 million suit for libel and conspiracy. These child and adolescent psychiatrists fabricated a conspiracy and called the truth libel. They did this on the day that they were in the Ontario Legislature in front of the Select Committee on Mental Health. While the Select Committee was writing up their report “Navigating the Journey to Wellness” for the Liberal Government, they waged a campaign of legal terror on us. As soon as the report came out, they dropped the suit and paid half our lawyer fees. I filed a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons which they dismissed as vexatious. The Health Review Board rejected it. I wrote to the Minister of Child and Youth Services. I was told I was not allowed to talk to the Minister. I went to the Attorney General who refused to let me talk about it. I wrote to my Member of Parliament and Provincial Parliament – one never replied (the MP, Jack Layton). The head of the Toronto District School Board was also a director of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The Toronto District School Board is a private corporation funded by government (so said my Member of Provincial Parliament, Peter Tabuns) and they operate independently. My own trustee works for a centre that promotes the drugging of children with psychotropic drugs. This is an insidious, vicious and cruel campaign against all enthusiastic and unique children. If parents don’t care to find out about it, we are doomed. Parents: please download the “Parent’s Exemption Form, Prior to Mental Health Psychological Screening or Counselling” from the Internet, sign it, get the principal to sign it, send a copy to the Toronto District School Board and file it in your “Valuable Documents”. Otherwise, you may have the most dangerous and powerful people – psychiatrists, the medical profession, Children’s Aid – individuals more powerful than the police and the highest courts – building a file on you and your child with devastating consequences.

  • In the year 2000, my elderly mother was admitted to hospital in Ontario. She was secretly given 4 overdoses of the hypnotic chloral hydrate. She entered the hospital with NO SUICIDAL IDEATION. Doctors shovelled her onto the Dufferin County Mental Health pipeline by inducing psychosis with chloral hydrate and having her involuntarily committed to an Ontario mental hospital. The county psychiatrist threatened her with having the Ontario Provincial Police come to her house and embarrass her in front of her neighbours. She was given Zyprexa in that mental hospital while she was incarcerated in Lock-Up with drug addicts where the light was left on 24 hours a day. Her private health insurance was charged $365. I got her out and got her off all the drugs. For that, her family doctor kicked both my parent out of her practice. There was no other doctor for my sick father. I have been stonewalled by the medical college and doctors while trying to fight for justice for this grotesque error for 13 years and I am still fighting. My Mom is 91 now, on no drugs and even though she is blind, she is doing well in a retirement home. Psychiatry is the biggest fraud mankind has ever known.