Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • Medicalize and misdiagnose suffering. If you want profit and control.

    On the other hand…
    Just for snorts and posterity. Let’s say you have “fibromyalgia” and you receive many diagnoses and little help. Gaslighting is depressing; but only if you believe it. In your gut, you know the meds are not helping. You look for help that is not going to call you crazy (of course in very clinical, authoritative, dismissive jargonese- all with matching ICD codes).
    You come upon a practitioner who actually hears your story. They take serum and do specialized testing- lo and behold you have hypercuperemia (basically a zinc deficiency that corresponds with a copper excess). With a bit of zinc with Vit C, your aches and pains are gone within 5 days time.

    There actually was a problem with your nervous system, and it was easily solved.
    You know what’s crazy? Insurance doesn’t cover the practitioner, testing or the supplementation.
    But, big but, if you want to get therapy, antidepressants and opioids to cope with and stay in your “perceived” pain, they’ve got you covered. They’ll cover rehab too when your inevitable opioid tolerance takes you there.

    Quality of life, more life in your years, increased function, healing, gratitude.
    Lived it. Trust that gut.

  • Mental anguish is just that; grief over loss or extenuating circumstances is not an illness.
    Medicalize, tranquilize, anesthetize, profitise.
    Empathy is free, but so therapeutic.

    Chemical imbalance, ie mass marketing tool, is not research based. Ethical research, that is. Not.
    Try mentioning that in an inpatient group setting.
    Kinda sets them off. Then you get shunned and invited to leave group.
    Then they tell you if you keep talking like this to other patients, you won’t be discharged.
    How did shamanism get so much power over people? How can you assess a patient without talking with them?

    A pill will not dry your tears. No medication can reduce the harm of unsafe relationships on people. If anything, the meds facilitate abuse. Medicate, indoctrinate, subordinate.
    So disgusting…

  • Agreed 100%. Not so poetic license is often used to coerce the “patient” into polypharmacy.
    If medication is refused, court ordered injectables are utilized.
    If you have to character assassinate someone as support for what you’re hawking/forcing on them, your moral compass is fecally contaminated.

    Britney Spears owned a home bought by Britney Murphy and her husband Simon.
    Said home was mold infested. Poor construction practices are profitable and commonplace.
    Mold exposure causes a legion of systemic aberrations including neuropsychiatric symptoms. It is also so noxious that it can result in death, as it unfortunately did for Murphy and her husband.

    What if we actually got to the root cause of patient’s problems? The technology exists to test serum, urine and even the home environment for mold and mycotoxins.
    I guess if you treat the actual disease process and remediate the home, you’ll mess up the system.
    “The patient will require neuroleptics, mood stabilizers, ABC therapy, and a conservatorship for the duration of their life”.
    The agenda gives no foxes about the actual problem at hand. Only the dirty money it craves to prop up this played out, myopic, egocentric, destructive, oppressive system.
    Change is gonna come.
    Maybe those that are comfortable with sentencing someone to cognitive impairment, disability, stigma, shame and physical decline based on shamanism need some intervention.
    Need some antifungal suppositories for the kangaroo courts- STAT!

  • Such a great article- looking forward to the book. Research does support improved outcomes with better self care, nutritional choices, and sleep.
    Nothing about captivity is healthy. The side effects of most pharmaceuticals used long-term do not lead to health.
    Disability, early death, loss of self-ownership are not good outcomes.
    The hope of a better way that promotes resilience and maximizes wellness is so refreshing.
    Such appealing food for thought!

  • Maybe the supervisor’s office was inundated with toxic mold. Dr. Mary Ackerley’s “Brain on Fire” work is worth a look. Also see Susannah Callahan’s story on her misdiagnosis as psychotic when she actually suffered with anti NDMA autoimmune encephalitis.
    All who wander are not lost.
    Some present psychotic to a system enamored with its own egocentric shamanism.
    Neuroinflammation is no joke. Neuroleptics only complicate the problem.
    Root cause mental health care could genuinely help people recover from real disease states.
    It is easier, and perhaps incredibly lucrative, to assign diagnoses and corresponding pharmaceuticals.
    Brain inflammation and corresponding neurobehavioural damage it causes are no joke. Why do we perpetuate it? Why not treat the underlying cause?
    What about hormones? Lupus? Nutritional deficiencies? Diabetes? Teratomas? Traumatic brain injury? Emotional abuse/PTSD? Epilepsy? Methylation defects? TIAs? Hypoxia? Long haul CV? Lyme disease? Poisoning? Hypercuperemia? STDs? Thyroid disease? Frontotemporal dementia? McLeod syndrome? Biotoxin exposure?

    Many people are being corralled into an inappropriate and even dangerous treatment plan. Just looking at someone and flinging diagnoses is played out in a world full of good research, real lab values, and skilled compassionate clinicians.

    Assigning psychiatric diagnoses without appropriate medical, neurological and biophysical assessment is dangerous. It is also malpractice.

    We owe people more than this gaslighting, humiliating, damaging system has to offer.
    Calling someone crazy instead of accurately diagnosing them is morally bankrupt.
    First do no harm.
    Change is gonna come…

  • After firing one and refusing to take medication based on my medical history, I received “borderline” as a diagnosis. As a bonus, this “doctor” gave me an invitation, no wait, invoked a “court order” for forced injectable medication at a state institution.

    Kangaroo court, oppressive, punitive, arrogant, and dangerous. Yes, indeed. Been there done that. Keep the t-shirt.
    The struggle is real.