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  • Neuropsychological Tests Reveal Consequences of Polypharmacy.

    Like really!?? As if the consequences aren’t apparent and haven’t been for many years. I know many many people who have suffered from the conveyor belt type medication regime.
    ALL are suffering mental and physical decline or disability.

    I have recently discontinued (last 4 months) lithium, Prozac, tricyclic and Amphetamine with one to go.
    Driving to a place I frequented often ,I had to stop pull over and engage google maps to find my way .I was 2 kms from my destination .
    The destination was my home .
    I have lived there for 18 years.

    And to reflect on the impact Polypharmacy has had on my life . Well I look at it this way. My career, social life, family interaction and dignity are pretty well obliterated. But although the ramifications are real the consequences fade.

    Life on and after these “essential medications “leaves one with a sense of non existence in the past and unfortunately the future.
    It is very obvious the lady participating in the “Neuropsychological Tests”was affected by gross Polypharmacy. Unfortunately many victims live in denial of there own predicaments because they have been advised wrongly by there “expert medical providers” .

  • I noticed the word “fragile” in the title. Indeed we all are and in that is the great equalizer.

    Very well put and without a doubt accurate. Humble as WE crippled are it is now our turn to silently observe what is becoming an international social crisis of crippling proportions affecting our “professional” health providers and the , up to now, non suffering opinionated population. For most of us experienced ,the adversities ahead are just another day .

  • I dare not trivialise the current health crisis , however before the possible
    “ every man for himself, take no prisoner approach evolves “ may I comment in regards to the topic at hand .
    I “live” in Australia, I have a mental illness and I am a minority.
    If you are a minority group
    “ pandemic or not” in this world we may encounter prejudice.

    Sadly this is a fact and I can only bow down and capitulate to the injustice bestowed upon us and others labeled a minority.

    IMO , We will never substantiate any progress towards our recognition as every day citizens through therapy groups , media forums or lobbying.
    However as the current times bestowed upon us may reveille, often the marginalised ,competing with the majority will flourish.

  • Hi Katel.

    I am feeling your grief and despair.
    Unfortunately we are now living on an extremely narcissistic, capitalistic and self indulgent planet.
    This is partially why the psychological illnesses are in epidemic proportions.

    If ,as a human on this planet we are labeled as a minority we will develop a sense of fear , unworthiness and defeat.
    Social expectations, saturation media and narcissism is telling us what to dream.
    My thought patterns where , and somewhat still are engrained into my DNA by this subconscious way of surviving.
    As a member of a minority group if I don’t change and except this membership I know I WILL perish.
    This can be hard work.
    We are as worthy as any CEO earning 7 figures .
    I try everyday to put the past behind me .
    That is now a part of my basic instinct.
    The fact you have strived and succeeded to discontinue the medications is simply a positive instinct towards your health.
    That is exactly what I am doing now as an inpatient because my physical and mental health was rapidly deteriorating.

    We don’t have to forgive and forget to nurture ourselves.

    But all the ruminating about what we could be what we should be what the world has dealt out to us will only cripple us in the end.
    The fact that very few ,if any really give a second thought about my situation only reinforces the fact that I am what I am and I am happy with that.
    You are a worthy human being ,keep telling yourself that, and don’t wait for the world to reinforce it. You may be waiting a long time.

    I use fact to build acceptance.

    Medication is destroying me > FACT
    Only I can rectify that > FACT
    I can be in control of my illness. > FACT
    I can be in control of my emotions > FACT.
    You have already mastered 3 of these 4 variables.
    Don’t let the world, your past, your future ( this is an unknown) and people influence your emotions.
    We are survivors we are warriors.
    Contribute to your life/ health using these basics.
    Like I mentioned this is hard work at times but somehow I think you’re family with hard work.
    Take care.

  • Hi CryAngerNow and Katel . Excuse me for butting in and I don’t intend to sabotage your conversation. I am in Australia in a clinic progressing through a phsycotropic discontinuation program. Week 5 . I am 58 yo and been on many medications for over 20 years.
    I am doing this due to the progression of what I can only describe as mental impairment.
    However I have had to move on from my past medical interventions ( notice I didn’t call it care) and look at it as what has been dealt out.
    I can’t let anger , regret etc keep me crippled. Look at it this way if we do remain in that frame of mind they have really won. Not us . They have taken enough from us don’t let them take the rest .

    I have recently substituted my anger for acceptance.

    I am not religious.

    I actually feel sorry for my health clinicians . Hard to read but I really do .

    Imagine spending half your life contributing to a profession that is unproven , in many cases harmful, archaic and can lead to chronic disability.
    What else can they believe. That is what there taught or brainwashed year after year in universities.

    Fortunately my present Dr is starting to see through the science in some aspects. I am hoping the up and coming younger generation of clinicians will have a different view of clinical therapy.
    Unfortunately we are victims not patients. But then so where the thalidomide baby’s.
    The best thing we can do is spread the word.
    But don’t let what they have done to us destroy us .
    There is life after surviving experimentation.

  • Helpful reflections thanks again.
    Dr Breggins contributions and commitment to giving us some HOPE is invaluable and almost nonexistent in this country.
    Most of my research is sort internationally. In reality Australia is just another state of the USA. In some aspects that’s a positive.

    Dr Breggins thoughts of medication gone mad and calling it “medication spellbinding “ is very true.

    I am the first to admit I was spellbound.

    I am entering my 5th week as an inpatient and I know I am promoting to my mental health through a discontinuation program. I also am very aware medication spellbinding has probably left permanent scars.

    A morning routine therapy called “REFLEXION OF THE DAY “ encourages, in a group environment our level of wellness on a scale . And our CORE VALUES selected from a list . Most patients select HOPE as there CORE VALUE and when asked to reflect on this most comment they hope there treatment starts to be affective
    there usually in titration up Or changing medications or both along with ECT or TMS .
    My observation is they start to feel improvement after there distress or hope is dissolved after reassurance from the Drs there treatment will make them better.
    To a very weakened mind this works very well and is commonly known as a placebo.
    Sadly most relapse .

  • Hi sam plover and thanks for the reply.

    If we knew the rules, we could act according to the diagnosis given

    That’s a classic, love it .

    My new shrink can still be hard work.
    It’s more like negotiating than an appointment interview.

    Eg > discontinuation of Prozac 2 weeks ago. Thinking out loud I commented I might just might get my libido back .
    Q How long has it been like this
    A 4 weeks after commencing the drug 2 years ago.
    I was abusing alcohol for 6 weeks last year . Not a good idea but kept me “ alive”.
    Her comment was “ it would be the alcohol that has impacted my libido.”

    To her surprise I burst out laughing .

    Thinking back I hope the outburst of laughter doesn’t change my diagnosis again. LOL
    Thanks again cheers

  • Thanks for the well wishes boans.
    Didn’t get any better after that notorious first visit. Still I am keeping my self busy researching how to live a normal life whilst in this infernal clinic. Lithium should be finally ceased this week. Just white knuckling it waiting for the mania that was never a real problem because I have never suffered it ?? Bit of luck I will be walking out of here with a low dose Mirtazapine script. Go the monotherapy. I can deal with that later !

  • Hi I am presenting this comment from my hospital bed in a private mental “health “ clinic in Australia. One in which I have frequented many times over the last 23 years.

    You see , like many that are stricken down with a psychological injury I had no idea of what the ramifications of the modern treatment model would be . After a very stressful period at my work where I had done 10 weeks straight 7 days a week and up to 14 hour days I suffered what is commonly known as a mental breakdown. I had know idea what was happening to me and seen the symptoms as something physical. I was experiencing tremor, sweating and confusion . I drove to the emergency Department at the public hospital and after a 3 hour wait and short assessment the Doctor recommended I have had a breakdown, give me a bottle of sedatives and told me to go home, take 2 and see my doctor when I could . That was the start of a 23 year slippery slope into an abyss.
    You see to the uninducted it was just the matter of receiving a referral to see a “ specialist “ in the field get some treatment and all is good. Remember I was new to this experience. After a 15 minute consultation I was prescribed an antidepressant, antipsychotic, and sedative and away I went. My somewhat confused brain reassuring me everything is Ok. Being totally compliant to the Psychiatrists wishes I started what was the first of many cocktails of false hope. So as l continued with the prescribed regiment I continued to become more stricken to the point of partial incapacity mentally and physically. One week sick leave turned into 3 months which included my first admission into a psychiatric ward after an attempt on my life. I have never recovered after many and varied interactions with psychotropic medications, ECT and TMS . I was lucky to be able to maintain my career for 18 years however it was a struggle. After my career was taken from me due to government austerity measures several years ago I have not been able to work. I can honestly claim my health has been on a progressive decline over the years of “ treatment “ . However one positive experience is etched into my crippled mind. Several years ago when taken of a family of drug known as a MAO I started to feel improvement . It was subtle but very noticeable. I cried ,I laughed , I had my libido back , I had energy. The medication was out of my system. I was able to go for hour long walks around the neighboring streets. I was no where near euphoric however I actually felt emotion and with that came some very missed energy. My then Psyciatrist however observed this action as peculiar and promptly changed my original diagnosis from Major Depression to Bipolar 2. I clearly remember the appointment in which he informed me of this and when I questioned his decision He replied with “ people with Major depression usually doesn’t go for long walks whilst there unwell. Reflecting back on that situation now, that is when it was time to take my chances in the real world un-medicated. I am from an engineering background and have respect for the science and technology supporting this field. I shake my head when reflecting on that period in my treatment . And ask myself what kept me from opposing to the continuation of drug therapy under what appeared to be a speculation. I can’t hang on this too long because to be honest it is damaging . However I think it come down to , its science and technology i have to believe in it . So onward I went with a new medication to support me in the form of a mood stabiliser. And that it did to the extent before long my normal emotions where completely dissolved and my energy along with hope for my future had vanished. I felt like a dead man walking. Time was the only variable I could rely on . This is what time did for me. It give me a much needed period to reflect on my treatment program in the past . It was also time for my psychiatrist to retire. My new psychiatrist was much more receptive to my recommendations and listened intently to the bipolar 2 diagnosis debacle. I had my wife of 35 years reinforced the fact I have never shown any signs of the diagnosis as suggested in DSM v . So at present the very toxic mood stabiliser as well as 3 other phsycotropics are being discontinued in a clinical environment. I am suffering side affects and I like the hurt. Everyday I am getting closer to normality. I am starting to feel again. Sloooowly . With the support of in house psychotherapy and occupational therapy and an understanding Psychiatrist l have the feeling of hope back for the first time in many years . About 3 appointments ago my psychiatrist mentioned she has patients that have come off the crippling medications utilising a team approach over an extended period of time. I felt a lightness throughout my body as if I may have a chance to be reborn. I have a way to go yet but my determination, support systems , stringent lifestyle practices and shear hard work who knows I might just get my life back???