Sunday, November 29, 2020

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  • I found Mad in American through the Surviving Antidepressants website. I found SA too late as I had already been through a much too fast taper that resulted protracted withdrawals that has lasted years. It is a sad state when patients must find credible information and support outside of their doctor’s office. There is not enough thanks for Adele for doing the work of what doctors should be trained and required to do. It takes an incredible amount of empathy and patience to witness, acknowledge and support people living through the horrors of psychotropic drug withdrawals. I wish that I could be optimistic that things might change but all my interactions with the mental health system tell me that there is a intractable belief in the medical model and that the drugs are helpful, low risk interventions.
    Thanks Altostrata for the remarkable work you are doing and the lives you have improved and even saved.

  • Dr. Moncrieff, please keep writing and educating. Like so many others who frequent this site, my life has been irrevocably changed and harmed by psychiatric drugs. I have been further traumatized by the treatment I received when I tried to complain of side effects and also while tapering. I have permanent issues that have never resolved or improved after years of being off all medication.

  • It seems to me that there needs to be much more participation from journalists and media to expose the issue of the danger of psychiatric drugs and educate the public in the same manner that happened for opioids. Not only was there an epidemic of users, over prescribing by doctors but also there was evidence proving Pharma was aggressively marketing the pills knowing their addictive and deadly nature. Then class action lawsuits followed.

    It seems that no mainstream publication wants to cover the topic of the ills of psychiatric drugs in a serious way although there have been many books written about the seriousness of the issue.

    The problem is that the medications don’t cause every patient side effects or tapering issues. I have had friends and family who have taken psych meds long term without problems – like your experience with Prozac for many years. They doubt my experience. Instead of seeing someone completely wrecked from doctor prescribed drugs, they see someone who has become seriously ill.

    I worry that while talking about mental health seems to be easier these days and even encouraged there will be more people seeking help put on medication. There is less discussed on the causes of distress such as divorce, financial insecurity, illness, loneliness, abuse, addiction, loss – which are things that many people go through in their lives versus just “mental health” with an associated diagnosis as a vacuum to enter into a prescribing cascade.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I am so very sorry for your suffering. I recognize so many of the details from my own experience. It strikes me as the ultimate contradiction that the doctor who is trusted to relieve distress ends up causing much more significant pain and symptoms that may lead to death. How can any of what you describe be acceptable? How can patients continue to be gaslighted when they describe the side effects of drugs? How can the answer to the debilitating side effects be to pile on more mind altering drugs with a hope of a better outcome?

    The 6000 people in your Facebook community. The 5 lives lost in the past two years. They are human beings. They have families. They have jobs and communities. Their often extreme long term suffering from medication is an outrage. Do we really have any idea of what percentage of people these medications harm? For those that they help, is it worth the risk of the lives completely lost and the years of suffering? Would anyone in their right mind choose to take a drug with the potential for such an outcome? “Your cognition and memory may become so compromised you may lose your ability to work. You may end up bedridden for years. You may have unexplained physical symptoms that remain long after you discontinue this drug. Your pain and disability may become so great that you no longer wish to live.”

    Is there any way to have the medical community recognize the results of the lived experience of protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal versus the short term clinical trials?

    I don’t know how but the system has to change. The perilous effects of and destruction of lives by these drugs need to be acknowledged!! #metoo

  • I experienced tardive akathisia while tapering from a psychiatric drug. There are no words that can describe the agony of the intense physical and mental anxiety / anguish. To have your family watch you experience these symptoms which are out of your control and affect your thoughts and movements is traumatic for all. The horror story continued when my reported side effects were dismissed as emergence of more significant illness and prescribed more psychiatric drugs to tame the said effects. My worsening state included noise sensitivity, emotional numbing, depersonalization and derealization, a vocal tic, intrusive thoughts, 50 lb weight gain. I believed that doctors followed the Hippocratic oath, “first do no harm.” Four years later, I am still suffering from long term effects that have not diminished after stopping all medication.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. Every time I read one such as yours at MiA, I feel great compassion and also anger / frustration that people are so gravely harmed by the doctors and professions that are supposed to heal. Your story mirrors my own in many ways, especially as relates to more drugs being piled on to deal with side effects of original drug. The drugs caused so many more issues and horrors than anything I was dealing with before being put on them. I am so sorry for all that you have been through and glad to hear that you are healing.