Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • ECT could be Psychiatry’s weakest Link as if shown to be damaging it could bring a rush of criminal and civil suits from which they would never recover and being only profession that delivers it would have to take the hit whereas drugs are widespread and delivered by many professions.


    “Electric shock should not be available as a choice just as thalidomide is not available to pregnant woman. After fifty years of practicing this hoax, psychiatrists are not likely to suddenly agree that it is harmful. As soon as they do, they know there would be a rush of criminal and civil suits from
    which they would never recover. Governments should outlaw it.”

    Dr. Michael Chavin

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  • The experiment continues, under Sir Peter Gluckman [Geneticist], Chief Science Advisor to The Prime Minister.

    “Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project (2012): These programmes represented a milestone in social science and policy interaction. It was acknowledged from the outset, both by the contributing researchers and policy advisors, that it was not known which of the 22 programmes in the initiative would in fact be effective. This was simply because of the general lack of understanding of many of the factors associated with modern adolescent morbidity. Such acknowledgement by the political process is in itself refreshing, but importantly the launch coincided with the allocation of funding specifically for on-going programme evaluation.”