Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Comments by Piet Westdijk

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  • Hi Peter, it is a long time ago we met. It was You that led me to criticize Psychiatry. It was in Heidelberg a Long time ago. Now I am 66years old, still very busy working with People that have been suffering from psychiatry. I still work a psychiatrist in order to get People out of this very mean System, that makes People believe their Problems are diseases, giving the “medication” that are drugs that donot Change the reason of their Problems but cause another cerebral Problem that they did not have before. I believe psychiatry is a fake science. It does not belong to natural science at all. I should be removed out of all universities. I is a big betray, perhaps the biggest that ever existed. The word Psychiatry Comes from the Greek lanquage, it means doctor of the Soul of the psyche. But what is the psyche? I as such a doctor donot know, honestly. I just talk to my Clients and together we search to solve their Problems. Is this a medical act? No, I am just human doing this. Peter I admire You doing this work getting into Publicity all the time. Here in Switzerland I am the only psychiatrist that also does that, but not in this great way of doing it like You do it. I wish You and You wife all the best. Best regards from Piet Westdijk