Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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  • I don’t entirely agree with the proposal that the better term is ‘anti-Biological Psychiatry’, because although I am generally opposed to the poisons these quacks deal in, it seems to me that many so-called mental disorders may well have a biological basis. The mind, in my opinion, is largely a product of the body, after-all; albeit a body that interacts with its environment at a spiritual aswell as physical level. Psychiatrists merely over-look the fact that the functioning of the body, especially the brain itself, can be influenced by many social and spiritual factors, aswell as physical factors. ‘Anti-psychiatry’ therefore seems in this respect at least superior because it identifies the general enemy without committing oneself to a false conception of illness based on the same out-dated mind-body dualism that psychiatrists are themselves are guilty of in their own way.