Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • you get it .. they are dilusional and controlling injuring .. same as rapist being judge jury of his own rape case. same as some one walks up starts punching you . if you react in any way say to protect your life or cover face or run, its your the guilty party or mentally ill … same as if your nervous of coronavirus your mentally ill, cause most likely wont get it , irrational thinking. they don’t have emotions . seen where if got raped and if in same situation you feel anxiety your mentally ill . they flip everything . you don’t let them kill you its your fault for resisting … courts and law makers .. people do they jobs intentionally to hurt fraud people and some do it can have to and ignorance .. need more family values and culture again .. go back to bible it teaches human dna and world history of people don’t change . permanent laws vs mans slavery laws . laws based on world history , nature . dna , science , ethics morals. make laws against gravity but universe don’t care. you die if disobey gravity . you fall down form gravity so tickets for falling down and laws preventing death don’t override the laws of universe and nature .. today they make laws against natural reactions and human behavior. pretty evil . self defense is natural instinct . even if your attacked facing serious injury and they breaking the laws your guilty . why people lay still while bad cops beat the face in . they know if they slip its a felony . go to prison if they accidentally hit a cop who is beating them to death when they have no warrant or charged with a crime . not even under arrest .. they accidentally scratch the cop they get a felony .. educations gone . government run . debt system for banks and corps workers. i stop now. i seen it all . i fell into the trap .. recovering from the stress and drugs .. injuries … forgive ya enemies . they get ya with the stress and bad memories . mind game kills ya leg term health . bad people never happy so feel bad for them . only happy when hurting some one. now turning military into guards and cops .. start promoting the crazy guys .. democratic nazis system … promote the yes man who do anything protected by government .. what they do for drone operators .. as it is now 9/11 laws made it stasis nazis police force or could say Israeli tactics which are the same and brutal … criminal justice now. not justice system . pray for good people to help you … i became christian and might go quaker … be peaceful , stay calm . they hang you out … set up . going through lots things . lawyer don’t tell ya everything set back up to mental health again . may never hit court room from trauma and fraud and don’t even know whats going on . keep hanging your self cause your american , think got rights … sneak you into ward system . can’t even get out .. any way i enjoyed your comment . smart man. back to positive and happy thoughts … trauma and stress abuse causes psychosis and metal illness . why they do it . fraud lies and they destabilize you . fear is massive. they kill ya get away with it … few died here and in daylight one. be surprised if it wasn’t feds or of duty cop.. another kid died in apartment . they saw cop near there mother dated .. love triangle . took the black guy to court twice . cop never got questioned. lol.

  • they cops are not crazy and mentally ill narcissists . they have respect and honor still . probably responsible for they actions … many countries they don’t have guns … they do they job correct . they raise kids better instead of government and feds media and education we get … your manipulated from birth to be a criminal or thug or abusive cop. they culture and beliefs are not diluted like us . probably still have strong family values morals and religion . religion shows life , human behavior . laws of life and laws of universe and nature .. they know the order and how universe and society works. usa we walk around blind and we are better than everyone else . lol. we don’t fallow perminant laws of world history and nature and dna . we throw darts in the dark .. could look at truths of history, even just rome .. bible has guidelines for life and laws .. guide to law making … we lost that in last 30 years . i can’t even talk about it … many people are demented . bible says devil people, solve in sheets clothing .. even teaches government abuse and how to deal with it .. what not to do . but they tell us we free and have rights .. i can’t even talk about it … worlds backwards and people are lost … you asked a great question … time to relax and maybe read bible verse … keeps ya calm. forgive the devil people cause they mentally ill and other people ignorant and don’t know what they do . and we all not perfect.. lol. i forgive my abusers . i just can’t talk about it .. lol. trauma is a son of a gun .

  • haha . you don’t get it . suppress and degrade abuse you . they have technology . they fallow harass people threaten off duty … on phone they take private conversations or Facebook posts back to you r face .. very disturbing and destabilize you . they can stalk you , sit out side ya house .. when ever your out even on bicycle stop by ya speed off showing force. put ya in ward its murdr . then they show up and can threaten the ward . they make fraud statements lie on the record … to et you killed discredited and your mentally ill. they don’t record crimes against you and harassment . so cops let other people ruin your life . when you snap from pressure of cops harrasingyou . they put ya in a ward. they pke push threaten . they use psychotic behavior against you . regular procedure and many cops have narcissism aka personality disorders. mentally ill and manipulative … after that destroy ya life . they [presence give ya ptsd . they every where .. massive trauma and stress problems . they got friends your in trouble if they dot like you … many cops are psychotic assholes .. some good ones but mentally ill usually run to power jobs and agents .. lucky if godly people or decent people get in the jobs .. only so many nice good people. got people in middle they aggressive if pissed off. then a lot of demented people like nazis become cops … license ti hurt people protected by courts .. facts .. just getting over it .. also might never survive it now . hook ya mess ya up . then hang ya in media . get away with crimes every day .. unfortunalty … lucky you . you still think what the want you to believe. lol. i understand why … i knew it was bad . found out it was way worse than imaginable . most discriminating people . many of them and they get into court system . they can make fake criminal history and fraud you to prison. many people in prison did nothing but talk to investigator to help out . they pin twist nothing at all to have a person to pin crime on so public feels safe and thank the cops. depends on who you get … i still cant believe what i know . article is dead nuts right on .