Friday, October 22, 2021

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  • I have no trouble believing that chemical imbalances and brain malfunctions occurred during my mental illness but psychoneuroimunological studies that prove how the emotional system is an interdependent partner with all other body systems and provide evidence that thought can and does become chemistry, validate my belief that in my case, at least, the chemical imbalances resulted from my diseased emotions rather than the other way around. Though I cannot speak for other cases of mental illness, I am grateful that I was spared a diagnosis that implied that my illness was due to a genetic or chemical imbalance and beyond my control.

    Any story that reduces my experience to the part of me that can be placed in a test tube or seen under a microscope would negate an immense part of me that was fully engaged in the psychosis. The part that I have been taught to define as my soul or my psyche was moved during and by my experience to the point of allowing me to change the direction of my life and the value I place on my existence.