Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Also:

    Take Supplemental Omega 3-5-9 fatty acids.
    Focus not on the obstacle, but getting to the OUTCOME.

    Imagine being knowingly and wrongfully imprisoned, and finding a way to break out with someone ready to hand you a similar and familiar identity.

    You will struggle.
    Try doing push ups.
    You will quiver and shake.
    Do jumping jacks.
    Go run stairs.
    Eat when you are hungry.
    Rest often. Recover.

    KNOW you have it in you to run for your escape.
    Know you will be free afterwards.
    Know you will haves scrapes and bruises and pain.
    Know and TRUST your body and brain will heal because you have ordered your body to do just THAT.

    Again–I love you all, and I quiver as I send this.

  • For all of you out there:

    You can do it.
    There is NOTHING that can stop the human mind from overcoming once you’ve made the DECISION to DO IT. This not trying.
    This is DOING it.
    First off:
    It’s extremely NOT EASY.
    You still have the power.
    Second off:
    You have to do this.
    At some point–Benzodiazapines cannot be continued by anyone.
    The initial calming is followed by maintenance.
    Our brains are wired to adapt and develop tolerance and craving to a wide variety of substances.
    Third off:
    Our brains are plastic and amazing.
    It takes time to retrain…reprogram..rewire.

    You must exercise, meditate, and have a focus doing something you love.
    You can do it.
    You are all amazing, capable–and unbreakable on many different levels.

    I’m doing it.
    I’m 41.
    4 years on 2 mg. twice a day of Ativan for PTSD.
    I want off.
    I’m down to 1 mg. in 2 weeks, and will be down to none in two more.
    It’s unbearable–but I’m doing it anyway.
    I nearly lost my Sales career two weeks ago, but am now on a Federally based leave act.
    Hard to sell anything with rebound anxiety harder than anything I ever had before.

    Still–I keep on going.
    It can be done.
    It will be done.

    Just want to send out a message of strength to all of you.
    You are NOT weak.
    Your brain will heal.
    Tell it to heal.
    Tell your body to heal.
    Make your body obey you like an athlete.
    Make up your mind to do it and you will.

    Love you all!