Monday, September 26, 2022

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  • I developed TD very recently after a hospitalisation for Psychosis.
    I was prescribed Haldol and Olanzapine, against my will.
    While coming off these medications (if you can call them that) gradually with the support of a medical team, I developed severe and disrupting TD.
    I started on a high percentage CBD oil as a supplement straight away. Suddenly, after over a week of symptoms, everything calmed down and I found stillness, except for some light tremors.
    It’s not possible to figure out wether it was the CBD or something else, but when I still had the TD the before and after affect of administrating the CBD was nothing short of miraculous.
    Please consider taking CBD if you have any of the symptoms of TD.
    God bless and let’s hope that somehow this Earth wakes up to the abuse of psychiatric patients. Big Pharma can’t last forever. Stay strong.