Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • Enough already…

    “Chemical imbalance is sort of last-century thinking. It’s much more complicated than that,” says Dr. Joseph Coyle, a professor of neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. “It’s really an outmoded way of thinking.”

    Dopamine deprivation should already have gone the way of insulin comas. Enough with the pseudoscience.

    Didn’t you hear anyway, now it’s all about “neuronal circuits” — coming to a hospital near you, the latest “treatment.”

  • Dear Jeffrey,

    Please do not lose hope of a better day, or give up. I live in British Columbia where the forced drugging laws are even more draconian. It is absurd and surreal that on the one hand psychiatry purports to “treat” PTSD and on the other hand it actively engages in inducing with its authoritarian practices. Real doctors follow the dictum, “Do no harm.” That in this day and age it is still done with impunity is an outrage — the open graves, the piles of bodies, the obliterated minds and souls — the atrocities keep piling up and the carnage continues. We are prisoners in an invisible camp, bereft of even an electrified fence to throw ourselves up against in our unbearable suffering and despair. Take heart Jeffrey. Your words are valuable — both testimony and empirical evidence, as well as inside knowledge. The liberation is coming Jeffrey. Science, ethics and reason are on our side. Let no one be able to say, “I didn’t know what was going on.”

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.


  • I suppose I’m a little disappointed by Whitaker’s response to the “anti-psychiatry” accusation.

    These voices that Whitaker apologizes for and promises to moderate more, that he blames for blocking the potential for more diversity by chasing others away, turning them off or whatever — these are the voices of outrage. These are the voices of the powerless who have been traumatized, damaged and discarded as the irreparably “abnormal” and “defective”.

    One who wants to have a civil discussion and make real and lasting improvements has to first ask “Why?” and then listen. Before the non-traumatized and abused can discuss things in a “positive” light, they must listen to the absolutely reasonable, legitimate and even verifiable voices of those who have been mistreated. The voices of MIA are the tip of the iceberg. We should be asking “How must our treatment of the “mentally ill” change in order to ensure that such damage and hurt is not caused, and is psychiatry capable of reforming itself?”

    That psychiatrists shun this cite, for the most part, shows an unwillingness to become critically self-aware of their own profession. If the interest is in proper care, then should be a part of every university curriculum. Those who are truly scientific and truly learned do not dismiss unpleasant information, they seek to understand it — doctors try to remedy it. The willfully ignorant choose to ignore it.

    The system as it stands created this problem, let’s not be afraid to engage with our own creation. Listening is the beginning of building an Alliance. Engagement is the responsibility of an Ally.

    I wish Robert Whitaker would have said something along these lines.

  • I have been told that I was sick and then forcibly drugged and then reported as severely mentally ill. When the drugs lobotomized me and gave me akathisia I told my assigned psychiatrist and he nodded and told me that it is common to feel “a little sedated”. Then he asked me to extend my arms and hands. I presume he was checking for tremors. In any case, he was satisfied that all was fine and refused to stop the forced injections (they were not court ordered because in British Columbia you do not have a right to go to court). I attempted suicide by overdose because a vegetative life of deteriorating brain and body was not worth having. I saw my psychiatrist in the emergency room and he was unmoved and told me that the drugging was going to continue. My mother intervened somehow — they did not speak in front of me and she denies suggesting that he stop the drugging — which did not make sense to me because I begged my mother to help advocate for me to have the injections stopped and she wouldn’t. He held me on the psyche ward to 2 weeks without drugs and there was no “psychosis”. He had nothing more to say except that I had a problem because I did not know I was sick. Later I signed up for a volunteer position as a way of working towards fuller return to the workforce. They required a criminal background check — no problem. So I thought. There it was — mental health intervention — for all to see. Now anytime I apply for work and they routinely ask for a criminal background check I will routinely have to explain my “mental illness” issue to a potential employer (and complete stranger). Demoralizing. Yes, it is unforgiveable, this business of making us feel and be treated as less than worthy of human dignity and privacy. The psychiatrists are so fond of thoughtlessly and carelessly saying, “It’s just like diabetes”. But I’ve never heard of someone with diabetes being put through this sort of systematic trauma and abuse.

    I did doctoral studies in philosophy and education, and I love the life of the mind and intellectual activity. I was nearly permanently stripped of that, and I live in fear that if I experience any sort of distress it will be taken from me again and maybe this time permanently given my “mental health records”. We need a massive organized education campaign — letters to politicians, newspapers, op-eds, magazines, university presidents…we need to get our voices and information out there. People need to understand that as long as choice is denied, as long as self-determination is being destroyed, as long anguished souls are being thrown away via chemicals, there is a holocaust going on. Relentless education. But where is there to go, besides this blog? How do people actually get in touch to draft letters, speeches, talking points and list websites and resources and key figures? How do the discarded and isolated get electronically connected for action?

  • Yup. They know that they are administering torture, that they are slowly killing. Neuroplasticity is being hailed as the latest great discovery. Apparently a key chemical component of plasticity (i.e., change and healing) is… that’s right, DOPAMINE. Why are people still being systematically deprived of dopamine. These pills don’t produce “side effects”. Everything that happens as a consequence of these pills is due to a halting of necessary dopaminergic activity for the body and mind. Chemical bludgeoning is violence all the same.


    This “no more allies” rant about how so called alliances do not listen to those they are supposedly in support of rings true. NAMI needs to shut up and listen to us, and stop making gains in profile and funding at our expense. If they were truly allied with us they would be as exhausted and frustrated as we are, and suffering under the oppression of the current mental health system beside us, not celebrating it and selling it as the answer.

  • I will listen, and then I will tell/report that you need “treatment”. We will screen children so that 1 in 4 can be “treated”. All that is offered is a pill altering brain chemistry. The “chemical imbalance” theory has been debunked by scientists (Coyle, Harvard & Insel, NIMH), called antiquated and last century. “Treatment” means forcing and foisting dangerous mind and body altering drugs on vulnerable people who have no other choice. Why does this continue? Why does NAMI support casting the net wider to ensnare troubled minds for, let’s face it, coercive “treatment” at best and torture at worst? Why does the NYT article have no space for comments? Those who continue to propagate a disproven theory are ideologues. The campaign is not about properly caring for those who get labeled “mentally ill”. It is about broadening the consumer market. Shame on NAMI if they go along unwittingly because they choose not to be informed. Treacherous that they give psychiatric demagoguery a friendly face, and let its careless practices persist under a cloak of compassion.

  • The public needs to learn that there is something fundamentally wrong with psychiatry. It claims that “brain is mind” and gives no further consideration or respect to the integrity of the minds of patients. Their minds, identities, thoughts, beliefs –all destroyed by neuroleptics — are of no concern because they are purportedly treating a brain disease and “brain is mind” and anything a patient expresses is a symptom of sickness. Willpower, hope, striving, concentration, focus, learning, development and love — all disabled by neuroleptics — do not matter if you are designated as having a diseased brain, likely caused by “defective genes”. Laboratory mice cannot speak so those who conduct experiments on them must go by the behavior they seem to be displaying. Why would a scientist, presumably curious, inquisitive and acting in the name of furthering knowledge and understanding, discount the knowledge to be learned from a “subject” that can communicate what is happening? Psychiatry is pseudo-science; it is cruel and inhumane. It is ignorant of any understanding of the depths and wonders of the human mind, of the miracles of repair, healing and recovery, because afterall, “brain is mind”. Psychiatrists do not concern themselves with healing; they are not doctors. They claim there is no cure and dismiss all findings to the contrary. Cure and curiosity have the same root. Psychiatry is a profession of unethical human experimentation that has no curiosity to learn the philosophies and techniques of the helping professions. Be anti-psychiatry, but don’t get caught up solely in polemics against the barbaric practices — there are so many people in need of healing and care.

  • Other doctors are not faced with the responsibility of grappling with the mind-body problem. Psychiatrists, ill equipped by the content of their education, shirk this responsibility by ignoring the mind and arguing that all is determined by the body. How fundamentally inhumane and atheistic, and I’m afraid it is also evil in all its banality. What is ignorance but the desire to ignore. But to turn willful ignorance into a highly profitable profession is an abomination.

  • Yes, there is something fundamentally wrong with current practice, fundamentally wrong with the status quo for “doctor”-patient relations. Where is the healing, hope and humanity. Where is the dedication to deeper understanding and scientific inquisitiveness? Where is the curiosity regarding the knowledge of others, not least of all the insight offered by patients. Anosognosia and delusional thinking are not the preserve of “mental patients.” Unfortunately, they are the ones mindlessly relegated to the status of “mentally defective” who can serve no higher purpose than that of consumer to the profit of the pharmaceuticals industry, who in turn indoctrinate, rather than educate, potential professionals of the healing arts.