Sunday, February 23, 2020

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  • In the article it states “I want to start seeing screening for mental health just as a matter of course when kids go to pediatricians and adults go to primary care doctors,” Ms. Brennan said. “The time has come and we as a country are ready to address mental illness.”
    I want to see the opposite. Our country has done a horrible job of supporting individuality in schools, life, communities, etc. If pediatricians start labeling children and providing them with the only option we have in this country, medication, it will get worse. As a country we cannot define mental illness so how can we address it?
    When are we going to address the issue of how we treat each other in all areas of life? When we are driving, getting our morning coffee, saying hello to the person no one talk to, being kind even when the other person is not. Small acts of kindness are not enough. More and more people watching other people and judging how they feel, act, talk, etc. is not the solution.
    This seems like another campaign to get people to watch out for people that don’t fit into their idea of normal. It’s just another way for the pharmaceutical companies to find new customers.
    No thank you!!