Friday, July 30, 2021

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  • Today Dare County NC Dept of Social Service sought to take away the rights of my daughter – they had already committed her without legal justification – just days before she was to undergo a proper/complete evaluation for traumatic brain injury with one of the top TBI specialists in the country. The accident had occurred on Dare County property. Instead of allowing her to keep that long-awaited appointment, just a few months after her first child was born, DCDSS forced her on to Haldol and benzodiazepines and called all the shots at the hospital -over a week before the Clerk of Court made their control official as interim guardian – achieved by using egregious distortions of her capabilities and decided behind her back and mine –then over my objections. I was literally thrown out of the hospital hearing a few days earlier, with DSS telling Vidant Hospital they had to do as Dare County said – according to administrator Glen Simpson. I had come at my daughter’s request (driven hours) to provide her doctors with the TBI diagnosis, and to request she be allowed to get that scheduled evaluation.

    By kicking me out, the judge violated my daughter’s constitutional rights and due process by failing to allow me to present evidence about her capability, lack of danger and a diagnosis showing she is not mentally ill. The appointed attorney, in turn failed to mention the evidence either – though I’d faxed it to her. Then she failed to ask my daughter if she wanted to appeal, but my daughter informed her attorney, in writing, at the next hearing that she did want to appeal. He ignored it. Two days before the deadline, I called the State Indigent Defense Council and the director saw to it that the appeal was filed – no papers yet, but he gave his word.

    NC Appellate Court has a precedent saying that not taking medications does not present an immediate danger and is not grounds for commitment. And that is the grounds that were used to commit my daughter — while of course they ignore the fact that you don’t drug an injured brain – at least not indiscriminantly.

    In the meantime, DSS gets named as interim guardian and takes over – my frightened traumatized, brain injured daughter is left grieving over her baby boy, and DSS shows up the next day to TAKE HIM FROM MY ARMS. They forbid my daughter from seeing me or him – they restrict her phone calls, don’t allow me to visit her where she’s been taken miles from friends and other family members – so she is totally alone – and knocked out – knocked down with high dosage of Haldol and benzos – not exactly soul food or chicken soup for the injured brain.

    Oh, and DSS Caseworker falsified the records used to take my grandson, making it appear he was dependent, without a caretaker -swore to that document under oath, defrauding the court – leaving out a required detail that he was in my home and under my care. So they used that lie to take him out of my arms, and I haven’t seen him since.

    After I exposed that lie I wasn’t supposed to find out about (no access to the records – not a party – also due to the falsified document) – instead of the judge calling DSS down on this fraud, perjury, kidnapping – he changed the venue and allowed DSS to amend the petition -so they could accuse me of seriously neglect of a perfectly healthy, happy child – before he left my home.

    Today in the courtroom – the hearing to seal DSS’s ownership of his mother, my pleas for them to recognize the TBI, not only fell on deaf ears, it irritated the court and DSS. The GAL -Harmon-Scott had the day before discouraged a family member from volunteering as guardian by LYING TO her, that she must be a lawyer to be guardian. Though another volunteer came, and the law says a person must be considered before DSS, DSS’ interim guardianship was extended while the Clerk of Court continued the hearing another 45 days! And she made up her mind BEFORE I, the mother, was allowed to speak and even then I wasn’t allowed to say it all. While everyone else began packing their things I said this much:

    “DSS accuses ME viciously of failing to give or get my daughter the proper treatment, (which to them is antipsychotics), for refusing to accept a diagnosis that’s only secondary to her primary diagnosis of brain injury. I insist that DSS has not only failed to help her get the proper evaluation, but it has blocked her from getting an evaluation on her own – it has not allowed her to get the proper care, understanding and treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury.
    DSS’s treatment is harsh, humiliating and mentally and physically cruel. Treating a person with TBI with high doses of drugs can not only further harm their brain , it can kill them.
    Involuntarily committing a person who has already been terribly traumatized, and cutting her off from her baby and other family members is nothing short of cruelty and torture. The United Nations agrees. It is also illegal unless there is clear and cogent evidence that the person is dangerous. She is not, and the NC Appellate Court says she not…just because she wasn’t taking drugs (while pregnant)

    Dare County DSS is the cruelest agency I have ever known, and its treatment of my daughter meets the legal definition of abuse of a disabled person. They have caused her mental anguish – unnecessarily confined her and have deprived her of the proper care.

    Two of the people most dear to me have been torn from our home, forbidden from returning, despite my daughter’s urgent pleas to do so and to allow her son to be with me – based partly and specifically on allegations that I do not accept DSS’s beliefs about my daughter’s misdiagnosis – that I question the use of potent drugs with a person who’s suffered traumatic brain injury especially.

    I can’t think of this situation – which is way more vile and complicated than I can begin to describe – without thinking of Nazi Germany – and Eugenics in America.

    It is profiling. After going through this horrible ordeal the first time, my daughter couldn’t go anywhere and feel relaxed without fearing that any wrong move or word could get her committed. I am beginning to understand, as I have now been accused of seriously neglecting a perfectly healthy happy child – that is, only AFTER I publicly accused DSS of perjury. And I am told I must get a psychological evaluation by someone connected to DSS if I want to see my grandchild, whom I’d been caring for night and day since his birth.