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  • Yes i do usually disagree with the first thing i see in the morning when i have to work a double and no i hadnt read the *entire bill at that time…

    Still think there could be a slippery slope in this age of big pharma constantly comming up with a bigger and better pills… so lets stick to what works… good docs and good meds and go with out em’ if you can… that is all.

    I’ll get out my magnifying glass and go over it word for word this weekend… good call about me not reading the bill in its entirety.. for that i blame arrogance and a case of early morning eneptitude of which only cure is a strong cup of coffee.

    Thanks for your replies and have a nice day.


  • So let me get this straight, you’d take away benzos from people of whom have suffered severe traumas in life and now need them to function? What, you want us to go boot up instead,??? Sickos! leave the psych meds alone and let psychiatry do its job. Most_of_us_have_to_work_for_a_living. If it takes a 30 dollar benzo script a month to function and work full time, thats cheap and affordable compared to the fall out from a narcotic opiaite alternative.

  • ucompsyche:

    Good Stuff! Ever read Assagioli’s work? His definition of the “I” and personal pyschosynthesis are incredible thoughts too. His definition of the ‘self’, and the ‘superconscious’ towards a path of enlightenment are really cool ideas. I think it expounds on Freud and Jung in a really healing and intellectual way.

    One of the most fascinating things I learned from Assagioli’s work was his theory about integrating ‘sub-personalities’ and the necessity of a strong ego to be in tune with the spiritual realm.

    Peace be with you,


  • mjk! oh wow, sorry to hear you’ve experienced violence! I myself am a survivor from childhood trauma’s… Mike Lew’s book “Victim’s No Longer”, was a good book for recovery for me… Sorry to hear about this… thank you for reaching out and thank for this forum www dot madinamerica dot com for facilitating free speech and dialogue necessary for catharsis and recovery.



  • Dude all I’ll say about drugs and mental illness is been there, done that… Recovery is possible from both. Adderall is poor man’s coke, Marijuana calms people down, Alcohol is evil, this dude should be sent to jail because he’s an adult and should know better, whether he’s under the influence or not.

    I followed the Grateful Dead and Phish and am no worse for wear. My buddies and I who went to all these concerts, all have full time high paying jobs now… we’ve never hurt anyone, we contribute to society, we pay our taxes, we have families, money, happiness, and stability…

    The fact violence and drugs are put together in a criminal case as an excuse for Micheal Hamilton’s murderous behavior, is extremely offensive to all us hipsters (Fathers, Mother’s, Veterans, Sisters, Brothers,ect….). The fact it’s come down to putting violence and drugs in the same sentence is not just offensive, but an affront to my friends’ and I’s very soul and being.


  • Hey guys, I had a psychotic break Oct 3rd 2010 … or maybe it was a religious experience, I don’t know… however, I started dating a Widowed Woman with two kids shortly after and was a good and Faithful Father figure. I took 80mg of Adderal every night to complete a CD and a Book: The proceeds of my work I used to support the family I had at the time.

    During my high dosage use of Adderal and untreated psychosis, I hallucinated all the time. Thankfully, I had extensive experiences following a band called Phish, and logged in over a 100 trips on LSD, of which probably helped me distinguish reality from non-reality.

    At no time did I ever experience any problems with not knowing good moral value. And I should mention I *LOVE* guns as well… I can field strip a colt .45 blindfolded; and did on my own time, during writing my book at night.

    At no time was I “a danger to myself or others”: while Smoking, Drinking, using Adderal, or cleaning my Girlfriend’s firearms.

    This Guy Hamilton is of a different bread: to suggest blame on what precipitated his underlying murderous behavior,(Adderal, Weed, Alcohol) of which purportedly led towards murder, is an affront to my first hand experience and my very being as a Human with good moral value.

    I’ve lived through the exact cocktail of chemicals Hamilton used, but instead, I helped to do a good job at Fathering two kids well at all times, while supporting an entire family, and suffering from untreated psychosis taboot.

    I maybe no expert, but I’ve lived the chemical imbalance and I remained a good person at all times!

    This Hamilton guy, should accept responsibility for his own actions and be sent to jail.

    That is all.


  • uomosenzanome:

    I appreciate your thoughts and I am open to other ways of thinking and other perspectives, although I believe your stance on Psychosis demonizes the disorder and doesn’t help the case for recovery. Just because the media and Hollywood sees fit to call dangerous people ‘Psycho’, doesn’t mean we in the APA community need to stoop to their level. Infact we need to stand our ground.

    Just because someone hallucinates and/or hears voices, doesn’t mean they don’t know what is going on: most people realize they are sick and/or having a religious experience and get help either way. This process is routinely done without any violence. Who knows, maybe psychotics are in touch with a spiritual realm science hasn’t caught up with yet??!

    Knowing right from wrong is very much a Sociopathology, not Psychopathology. Although these disorders can combine with devastating results, lets call it what it is and not coin the phrasology and citations of the media. We’re above that.

    I agree Sociopaths lack empathy and even have to ‘act’ as to what is a proper societally acceptable response. In this murderers case, even if he had a chemical imbalance presenting psychotic features: he still must by definition, be sociopathic as well, to do what he did.

    I’m just a Grad Student, but in my 20’s of experience in the field, I have learned a great appreciation of the nature of psychosis. But when it comes to murderous sociopaths, I hope to God they get locked up, stop using psychosis as an excuse, and hope the media stops coining the phrase ‘Psycho’s .. since they have no scientific basis to blankly use the phrase.


  • Well lets face it, lawyers have helped ruin this Country and once again redirected fact and logic in to whatever suits them in their case:

    Fact: Psychotics know right from wrong.
    Fact: Sociopaths do not know right from wrong.

    What kind of Nanny state do we live in, where we blame psycho-stimulants for a crime? All us Adults need to take responsibility for our own actions.

    Based on my research, I’ve concluded Hamilton’s purported Amphetamine Psychosis would not negate his ability to know right from wrong. Therefore, it is this researchers opinion Hamilton had underlying sociopathology.

    Hamilton obviously lost all command of moral value, but this is NOT the doing of Adderal…

    Lawyers will use any excuse out there for their client and the Mental Health excuse has become the old standby.

    Hamilton is a Sociopath, send him to jail.

  • I’ve suffered Amphetamine psychosis twice: both times I was saved by the love of a good Woman of whom I was dating at the time. The ability to remain connected and loved at the same time is key towards recovery.

    While my ability of objective reality ruinously disintegrated in to oblivion I knew I was in a safe place and not in danger. It is important to record here, I always retained the ability to differentiate right from wrong. Just because people break, doesn’t mean they lose the ability to have good moral value!

    I have been able to fully recover from extreme states because of loving Women in my life… Based on my embedded research, I wholeheartedly recommend dating intelligent nice empathetic people who serve as advocates and guides back to reality.


  • During my College thesis I took 100mg of Ritalin a day, Wound up completing it from a State Hospital in order to Graduate (as you might assume the treatment staff lawyered up, discharged me, and never came to my rescue). I recovered quickly, although, it took atleast a year for my amphetamine psychosis to completely go away (re: negative/passive schitzo symptyomology).
    Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson: ten years later I did the same exact thing in Grad school… it was fun.. I aced my GRE’s.. but wound up having another psychotic break and this time, due to money… I was able to hide my psychosis for a year, until I finally decided the Hallucinations were not conducive to obtaining my M.Ed.
    Recovery was aweful the 2nd time around… definitely took twice as long for all the psychosis to go away.

    So my question about neurotoxicity, is, how messed up am I now?
    Is there a doctor out there willing to work with me to not be a vegetable? I used to be an A/B student… now I find I need to relearn everything… life is short.. I just want a Psychiatrist to give me a little boost, but, be assured, I’ll never take more medication than prescribed. Everyone has their breaking point and drugs can precipitate this onset.

  • I love reading Szasz, I’m reading “Myth of Mental Illness”, right now. I love how he talks about using Aristotelian language.
    The best anti-psychiatry book I’ve ever read is “Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology (Scotton, Chinen, Battista).” The Textbook, based on my observations, really dials in on the intersection of Science and Spirituality. Really cool book imo, whether in Graduate level or in recovery!
    If truth really is the meeting of opposites, than both books combined lay at the heart of the intersections of Psychiatry, antiPsychiatry, Spirituality, and Science.