Friday, February 26, 2021

Comments by Diana Spore

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  • Good evening. I believe that there is a fine distinction between the two words. Dependent on how “recommendations” are given in terms of facial expressions, tone of voice, and actual language, particularly now — recommendations may come across more like orders. Questions arise: did the mental health provider give you time to express what you believed and felt would be best, did he/she actually listen and hear you? As far as suggestions, I think my beliefs align with what is supposed to be done by peer support specialists — to listen, to offer suggestions but not to say what they would do if they were in your place, not to make specific recommendations about what would be best for you. Diana

  • Thank you for your comments, referring to “insight” about what may happen after the dust settles. The jury is out as to whether or not I will need therapy in the future. However, if I do, I feel very strongly that it is most helpful if it is trauma-informed, is based on shared-decision making and promotes personal choice in charting the direction of one’s life. I feel that the latter has been missing during this pandemic. Thank you, Diana