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  • Thank you Leah for the great reporting. Wow! – Sera, Naomi Pinson, Kathy Flaherty/CT Legal Rights, MHLAC and everyone else involved – what incredible work you are all doing!
    Thank you all for your humanity and generosity of spirit to stand up for those who have been stripped of their power.

    “In addition to the letter, petition, and car caravan protest, Mass ACT is actively working with advocates at the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, the Disability Law Center, and other state and local groups to locate potential plaintiffs to launch a class-action lawsuit against the state for its poor management of conditions inside its facilities”.

    Yes, if potential plaintiffs are found and a class-action lawsuit launched that would certainly shake things up. Sending best wishes and good vibes for the caravan protest on May 31! (I would love to join you but I’m in Canada)

  • Sera, thanks for another great blog!

    I was not familiar with DJ Jaffe but just watched a bit of a Ted Talk video of him. If he has a brother labelled with SMI I wonder if he had his brother forcibly treated, and if so, how his brother felt about it. Too bad he doesn’t put his energy into researching and speaking out against the harm and adverse reactions that toxic psych drugs bring about.

    To anyone who says the lock down makes them feel oppressed, isolated and fearful, well those who have been subjected to the oppression and coercion of psychiatry certainly can say ‘Welcome to my world” as what goes on in psychiatry is the ultimate lock down.

    This is a petition regarding future medical care for those in the US who may be interested:

  • Thank you Dr. Tasch, your blog exposes the truth the general public does not yet grasp – that psychiatry is not about “helping” people and someone’s suffering is more likely to invoke anger and disgust in a psychiatrist than anything else. There are many psychiatrists whose “treatment” or actions are more like revenge or retaliation for a person daring to try have a voice, to define their own reality or honor their own thoughts and feelings.

    “Mark was placed in a psychiatric unit for 10 days just because he angered his psychiatrist!”

    “In spite of the fact that Mark was not supposed to undergo a recommitment evaluation or hearing after 6 months, his psychiatrist attempted to keep the commitment going”.

    I commend you Dr. Tasch for stepping in and doing what you can to bring some relief for people enduring these abhorrent practices and for exposing what goes on. I hope your voice and that of like-minded professionals keeps getting louder.

  • Thanks for clarifying this Steve, so I guess I can describe a psychiatrist as “narcissistic” and that does not mean I am “diagnosing” her. I have no desire to “diagnose” anyone with any spurious DM label and since the dictionary describes “narcissistic” as:

    “egocentric; egoistic. Having an inflated idea of one’s own importance. Obsessed with one’s own self image and ego.”

    it does describe her (and other psychiatrists) quite accurately.

  • If Trump had a psych assessment and was labelled with a DSM label to remove him from office that would only serve to give credence to the spurious DSM labels. It would be extremely detrimental to those unfortunate enough to have been given one of these bogus and defamatory labels.

    A great piece Paula, as always and thanks for your ongoing work in speaking out against the spurious DSM labels.

  • madmother13, I think anyone would feel the same when the reality and essence of who they are has been totally redefined by a judgemental psychiatrist who knows very little about who they are nor their life circumstances (and of course doesn’t want to know) and instead resorts to writing lies to fit with their agenda. It amounts to a very unjust character defamation and I hope the day comes when psychiatrists can be sued for character defamation.

    Up until maybe 10-15 years ago the record/lies would have remained in the paper files of the psychiatrist’s office and/or maybe faxed to your GP’s office. But nowadays (at least in Canada) the damaging lies of psychiatrists are posted onto widespread electronic records. Wherever you go for any type of medical services these records are regularly pulled up and reviewed before you receive any treatment. It totally changes what services you will be given and the manner you will be treated. Rather than “help” psychiatry does break people down.

  • As so many have noted, this was truly a heart-breaking story to read. There are no words to convey my sadness and anger in knowing your kind, handsome, talented son’s death was brought about by psychiatry. There is much Abraham thought and voiced that resonates for me after my own encounter with psychiatry (for insomnia while in cancer treatment). You state it well in calling the psych labels “tantamount to a curse”. They definitely are a “curse” and even if a person chooses to disregard or ignore the label, all the healthcare personnel do not. The label is hung around your neck like an albatross, you are not allowed to forget it or disregard it. After a label is hung on you, a pervasive climate of blame follows and the person is blamed for every difficult circumstance in their life.

    “Seemingly quite “normal” behaviour or things he may have said were taken out of context and “pathologised” to fit the psychiatric diagnostic paradigm.”

    Yes, as most who obtain their psych records discover, they have ignored context, twist your words and write damaging, blatant lies, all in an effort to fit their labelling paradigm – and there is nothing you can do about it. People are led to believe they will get “help” or at least will be in a safe place, but instead what follows is institutional betrayal of the worst kind.

    Thank you for sharing Abraham’s painful and also very courageous story. Abraham’s story should be read by every practicing psychiatrist and every person out there who still has not yet realized how utterly destructive psychiatry is. Sending best wishes Malcolm, and I hope you take some comfort in knowing that in bravely sharing Abraham’s story you have helped others.

  • That is a good point Sam!
    Psychiatry wanting to warn people of the “dangerousness” of others when in fact everything about psychiatry is so dangerous itself.
    As Dr. Breggin put it so well – seeing a psychiatrist may be one of the most dangerous things you can do.
    Yes, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Pure hypocrisy.

  • Aerial Ballet, there is also a huge issue of informed consent regarding taking psych drugs. Some of these drugs may make people ‘feel better’ initially but they are not told the ‘better’ feeling doesn’t last long, or that these drugs will eventually damage their brain and body and attempting withdrawal is BRUTAL and sometimes not even possible.

    As well once they put their damaging DSM labels onto your electronic health records you will be viewed through the lens of these labels and face ongoing gaslighting and discrimination the rest of your life. Even though you may know/realize the labels are totally inappropriate and outright BS all health care professionals view them as the word of God. And in most cases you can never get your records amended or corrected in any way.

  • I agree Dr. Deacon and Steve! This is HUGE!

    “that character structure is not something that psychiatrists should ever even consider.”

    A derogatory DSM label – that is in fact ‘character’ defamation – and has caused immense discrimination and suffering for so many is deemed not valid by a high profile psychiatrist who was President of the APA. Wow! The arrogance, manipulation of information and hypocrisy of this morally bankrupt guild is astounding.

    This does need some major coverage! It would help show people how corrupt and self-serving psychiatry is and that if a label of “personality disorder” is not valid what does that say about the validity of all the other DSM labels.

  • Great comment Miranda. I am against censorship and the APA muzzling anyone (even a group from their own guild) is just more proof of the sickening power and control psychiatry wields. While it is desirable for people to understand that a president who acts bombastic, impulsively, etc, does pose a great deal of danger to the country, I can’t get onboard with the opinion of psychiatrists (who obviously believe in DSM labels for anyone they deem is exhibiting inappropriate behaviour) being given any credibility to put the message out.

  • Dr. Hickey, thank you for another compelling and very informative essay. Kudos for always dissecting and exposing the bull**** so very well!

    A couple of sentences (of many) that stand out:

    “Treating “real illnesses” with “real medicines” enabled them to believe that they were real doctors.”
    “Psychiatrists invent psychiatric “illnesses” and then “discover” that lots of people have them.”

    Yes, and how pathetic is that. Psychiatry is a most vile and corrupt institution and I thank you for continuing to write such important essays to expose the corruption. Best wishes, stay safe & healthy!

  • Thanks for this excellent blog Miranda and all the research, links etc. It is scary to think how psychiatry and their cohorts will use this pandemic for self-serving purposes (even without the media pushing out harmful narratives).

    I can’t help but wonder if psychiatrists have any ’emotions’ regarding the horrendous effects of the pandemic or are they just tripping through the tulips without a care in the world. In either case they may have a “disorder” and may deserve a label…… Hopefully the pandemic could be psychiatry’s much needed wake-up call, but that’s probably too hopeful.

  • Robert, I commend you for acknowledging the dysfunction and harm perpetuated by psychiatry and their toxic drugs. I agree GP’s who take part in widespread prescribing are also part of the problem. I didn’t find your blog “disingenuous” at all (and found that description harsh) and I applaud all your efforts over the years to reform the system and try reduce the harm.

    After my brother died on psychiatric drugs (depressed after his marriage breakup) and I was harmed when sent to a psychiatrist for insomnia caused by chemo, it became clear psychiatry does not provide help, and instead does a great deal of harm. It was not until I found MIA and read the blogs, personal stories etc, that I realized the sheer magnitude of the harm. In my opinion psychiatry is VERY self-righteous and self-serving and therefore I would like to see it dismantled. I realize that would be a real David and Goliath battle but in the meantime I hope any psychiatrists out there who do acknowledge the harm and want reform will speak out and unite with yourself and the many others in various “MH” fields who are appalled at how damaging the psychiatric system really is.

  • Thanks Megan for a great blog, lots of truth speaking here. I used to try stay positive that ‘good will triumph over evil’, or ‘truth will set you free’ etc, but eventually it became too difficult to stay positive so I revised it to ‘staying hopeful’ instead. I agree we should NOT strive to go back to ‘normal’, we need to strive for something far better than the old normal.

  • If this is how “crisis counselling” will be approached then at least it does make sense. NO psychiatry and NO need for their absurd psych labels, damaging drugs or ECT, etc. :

    “1. It is strength-based, which means its foundation is rooted in the assumption that resilience and competence are innate human qualities.”

    “2. Crisis counseling also employs anonymity. Impacted individuals should NOT be diagnosed or labeled. As a result, there are no resulting medical records.”

    “3. The approach is outreach-oriented, in which counselors provide services out in the community rather than in traditional mental health settings.”

  • I won’t say every psychiatrist is arrogant and abuse their power but in my experience (and from what I have read of many others on this site) that was MOST definitely the case. And when I tried to get some resolution the “expert” psychiatrist who was consulted on the matter dismissed the evidence and whitewashed all the facts & truth. It was a total cover up and further abuse of power in order to maintain the psychiatric façade of utter righteousness and superiority.

    Further if they “had no idea what they were getting into” they most certainly have the choice to move in a different direction. You are either on the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressor – you can’t be neutral.

  • Great comment Nancy.
    There is just so much wrong with psychiatry it would be best to have it scrapped entirely. Unfortunately the public has been duped into thinking psychiatry is about “helping” people when nothing could be further from the truth. Most psychiatrists are narcissistic and self-serving and will fight to the bitter end to retain their power, control and big pay checks.

  • Dr. Johnstone, I SO appreciate your standpoint on the absurdity and harm psychiatry does by pathologizing every ‘normal’ human reaction to ‘abnormal’ circumstances.

    “It is both horrifying and fascinating to see how the “mental illness” narrative is being used to individualise and pathologize our responses even as our very survival is in jeopardy.”
    “Never was it more obvious that distress makes sense in context”.

    Yes, and so many who thought they would get “help” found out psychiatry is very hazardous to one’s health and well-being. The diagnostic labels and ‘treatments’ always locate the problems within the person and the real reasons for the problems and/or distress are ignored and dismissed.

    I agree we are all in this together with the exception of the psychiatrists who are consumed with power, control and image and could never admit to being like the “others” – the ones they ironically label as defective for having the very same feelings/thoughts/fears as them.