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  • Thanks for the update Maria, Glad you found a supportive MD and nurse’s aids to assist your brother and very happy he is improving after tapering from the psych drugs. How tragic people have to fight so hard to try survive the mayhem inflicted on them by psychiatry.
    I hope you get to see him soon. Sending best of wishes for his ongoing recovery.

  • Thanks for your kind offer Dr. Rose! I hope you will keep writing on this topic. I have been battling the corruption I was dealt in cancer treatment due to the psychiatrist but it’s been eye opening to realize how the system sticks together to cover-up and silence those who it has harmed.

    Also I see I made a typo and misquoted you, sorry about that, the quote should read “powdered specs of poison”….although I guess the specs are also ‘powered’ to do lots of damage. Take care, Best wishes, Rosalee

  • Dr. Rose, thank you so much for sharing your horrible experiences with psychiatry. I’m so sorry you paid such a price for simply having understandable emotions related to mounting stressors. Your story so accurately depicts how revolting and damaging psychiatry really is, especially when more than a dozen psychiatrists all dismissed the harm of their toxic drugs and spewed the same deceptive propaganda.

    Your description of “powered specks of poison” resonates for me and many others I’m sure. I too wish I could turn the clock back and had refused to set foot in the office of a young, arrogant psychiatrist I was sent to for “help with sleep meds” due to the insomnia I developed from toxic chemo drugs and the steroid Dexamethasone. I don’t understand how most psychiatrists sleep at night, they obviously have no conscience.

    A hardy congratulations to you on managing to complete college and obtain your doctoral degree and best of wishes on your final taper and ongoing healing.

  • Thanks for an authentic and inspiring piece Caroline. I am really glad you continued on your journey of hope to find a better place and through your experiences gained insights to offer others who are still searching. As you say not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve so it’s important to always be kind.

    It can be such a bizarre world to navigate at times but the realization of how the mental health industry treats people who are facing challenging life stressors is probably the most bizarre and cruel of all. Best wishes to you. Keep writing!

  • Oh that is horrible what they did to this 88 year old woman. The woman had just written very articulate letters and cards to family members and the nurses lied that she had progressed into late stage dementia. Then they claim they injected her with a heavy dose of antipsychotic because this tiny, 4 ft. 11 inch, 88 year old woman threw a nurse against a bookcase. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.
    How do these people who have no conscience and act so dark and sinister manage to work in health care.

  • Dr. Timimi, thanks for this blog. Great title, it is insane what this industry does to people and their lives under the false pretense of “help”. It’s a great travesty. It needs to be dismantled starting with the subjective moral judgements psychiatrists label people with from their big book of made-up “disorders”. Also incomprehensible that psychiatrists do not take into consideration someone’s life circumstances or life stressors that would easily explain expected and even appropriate reactions but instead slap psych labels on people to lay blame on the person instead of the circumstances. Psychiatry puts labels on people and drugs them with toxic drugs that cause harm or death in order to make people tolerate their bad circumstances and call that “help”. My brother lost his life to psychiatric “help” and I was harmed by labels that were put on me while I was in cancer treatment so I appreciate any psychiatrist who is willing to speak out and call out everything that is wrong. I look forward to reading your book.

  • “Yet mainstream psychiatry has ignored it and presses on with business as usual”.

    Given the current circumstances it’s more important than ever this information on psychiatric drugs keeps getting out there. Thank you Dr. Moncrieff for continuing to make people aware of the harm that awaits so many once they start these drugs and that the drugs don’t “treat” or “cure” anything, they simply numb your feelings, turn people into zombies and change the brain in ways that make them extremely difficult to ever quit taking. I wish I’d known this twenty years ago and may have been able to prevent my brother’s death.

    Kudos on putting out a second edition. I look forward to picking it up once it’s on Amazon.

  • Yes, I agree Steve S. It’s disturbing the state of journalism standards and ethics have gotten so low that Shayla Love and VICE publish what is in my opinion irresponsible, unvetted and biased propaganda.

    My deepest appreciation and respect goes to Robert Whitaker for his high standards, integrity and community service. Thank you Robert for your perseverance in forging ahead to uncover and speak the truth to try prevent harm and save lives. Please carry on, your exemplary work and journalism is greatly needed.

    “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

  • A timely and excellent report Rob given “mental health” professionals penchant for using every possible excuse to pathologize normal emotions and to label people. Also much appreciation for the discussions involving the work of David Cohen, John McKnight, Ayako Nagano and David Oaks.

    As Ayako Nagano said “Social justice work at this juncture requires emotional intelligence”. Yes, and unfortunately that aspect is almost non-existent when it comes to the psychiatric industry.

  • Thanks for this powerful piece Briana. It boggles the mind the media chooses to describe DJ Jaffe as an “honorable advocate” and a “strong campaigner of forced treatment” – in the same sentence. As if there could ever be any honor or advocacy in stripping people of their rights, dignity and humanity. I am hopeful that everyone is held to account for their misdeeds, if not on this earth then in the next.

  • “It felt almost as if she was angry at me for my desperation. As if the clock was ticking on her tolerance of my suffering.”
    “In a way, the psychiatric system is the cause of the disease it diagnoses.”

    Yes, SO true Karin! It’s very evident there is little to no compassion or empathy in psychiatry. Psychiatrists do act annoyed, irritated and yes, even angry at people for experiencing difficult life circumstances. Most of us have this innate feeling of wanting to solve someone’s problems or suffering but it’s extremely harmful and further traumatizing when psychiatry invalidates, labels and punishes people for their trauma or problems.

    Thanks for sharing your story Karin. Best wishes on your journey of validation and healing.

  • Thanks Jon for this report and all the work you do. This step backwards is very disconcerting. I agree with Sam and Oldhead in that Professor Puras must be under pressure to conform. The saying “you attract more bees with honey” is sometimes applicable when working to implement important change but can never work with psychiatry. Psychiatry’s vested interests have proven NOT to be in a patient’s best interests, but rather what’s in psychiatry’s best interests, and that is the maintenance of a very profitable livelihood through labelling and drugging (or ECT) with a no-brainer ‘one size fits all’ mentality. That’s all they’ve got and it has done far more harm than good.

    “But it could also be argued that by refusing to call a spade a spade, by refusing to recognise that psychiatry is built on sand, the field’s lifespan will be needlessly prolonged.”

    Yes, the longer psychiatry is not called out for what it really is, the damage and destruction of lives is prolonged.

  • Dr. Hickey, as always an excellent piece, and wow the brutality of psychiatry in years past is hard to comprehend but even these days psychiatry still doesn’t value people’s lives much. People who come to them for “help” are like expendable commodities and an easy means to make a very profitable livelihood by simply labelling, drugging and/or pushing ECT with a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. It sure is not scientific and appears they willingly sacrifice people’s safety, well-being and lives to preserve their status, earnings and precious egos.

    Everyone living in the US should call their House and Senate representatives to request they support these bills. And yes, I also hope there are psychiatrists out there with the integrity to step up and do the same.

  • Ron, I just read through much of the link for Congressman Jamie Raskin and to describe what you endured as ‘staggering’ would be an understatement. I live in Canada but did forward a link to this Mad in America report onto Donald Trump, Washington Post and Fox News via Twitter. I hope all US citizens who read this MIA report contact their government representatives and US news outlets and insist they report on this and do something about this corruption.
    I am very sorry for what you and your family have endured in trying to protect others. God bless you.

  • Thank you Robert for MIA and another compelling report on rampant corruption in institutions the public are misled to believe are about patient safety. There has been harm from a variety of drugs that were pushed to the market but the harm and loss of life from psychiatric drugs is surely the most pervasive.

    Silence is complicity. Thank God there are still some people left in this world who are willing to step up and speak out. Much respect and gratitude to Ronald Kavanagh for his integrity to fight against this corruption. I really hope his last effort has some success.

  • Yes Dr. Deacon, it’s all very telling.

    How about when Dr. Aftab asks this question of Dr. Johnstone…. “How would you know if you are wrong? I think humans are very good at creative story-telling. We can come up with narratives where none may exist. So, what makes this process of sense-making scientific?”

    Considering psychiatry literally wrote the book of unscientific and creative story telling. Oy.

  • Yes, kudos to Dr. Johnstone! She has incredible insights that actually help rather than harm (as psychiatry so often does). Dr. Aftab was rather prickly but Dr. Johnstone held her own very well. I give Dr. Aftab some credit for engaging in critical psychiatry interviews and hopefully it’s possible for him to become more open-minded and accepting of methods that can actually help people.

  • Hi Audrey, Your piece is well written and could inspire others to reject psychiatry’s damaging narratives/labels and find a truthful, meaningful path to healing instead. I must agree with Dr. Caplan as noted in her comment above, the only part of your essay that is not so hopeful is to give any credence to any of the damaging faux DSM labels. Best wishes and thanks for your essay.

  • SomeoneElse, Yes I agree!! I don’t like to see the MIA community get so divided on a separate issue.
    I question a lot of what is out there re COVID. I saw a video of a guy putting a cigarette up to his mask and sucking in the smoke, then when he exhaled smoke came out the sides, top etc of his mask. Whatever the case is, if wearing a mask may protect someone else (even a bit) then I have no issue wearing a mask. We need to look out for each other these days more than ever.

  • Thanks Sam, yes it was a shock when my brother Joey died. I used to be brainwashed to put all doctors on a pedestal and blindly trust them. I was also under the impression psychiatrists were privy to some deep knowledge about the brain and why people became depressed or anxious. Even after my brother died while he was receiving psychiatric “help” I thought it must be an anomaly. I didn’t realize what a destructive, ludicrous racket psychiatry really is until my encounter with a psychiatrist for insomnia during cancer treatment.

  • Thanks for this piece Caroline. Yes, so true once you have a psychiatric label(s) how you are perceived by others (especially medical personnel and police) is very much colored/altered, as well as aspects of your rights, autonomy, etc. The same actions/behavior of someone without a label is viewed very differently when the same behavior involves a person with a label.

    In Alberta (Canada) last week a Sudanese man went into a medical clinic and while in the examining room with a doctor (a General Practitioner) he attacked the doctor with a hammer and machete. The doctor called out for help. He was rushed to the hospital in very rough shape but died. The police said they know the motive but will not be releasing it until later. People are already speculating it’s “mental illness” and the man told the judge at his first court appearance that “he is a sick man and needs a doctor”. It is these stories that feed that whole narrative. It may be that he was on psych drugs and/or in withdrawal but that will never be covered by mainstream media.

  • Dear Janebeth, Your comments are SO powerful and profoundly expose the very fraudulent and destructive nightmare so many endure if they are lured into or snared by psychiatry. My brother was also very athletic and physically fit until he saw a psychiatrist while in a temporary phase of depressed mood due to marriage breakup and kids moving away with his ex. I helplessly watched him go downhill, develop tics, etc (and wondering why the “help” wasn’t working) and due to the psych drugs he was dead a couple years later at age 40. I have my own sordid story of an encounter with a shrink when after chemo drugs & steroids (you must take to try mitigate all the damage being done by chemo) triggered insomnia. The psychiatrist immediately gave me 4 major psych labels (but never informed me of the labels she permanently put onto my widespread electronic health records) Although I had become very physically unwell from chemo, and was bald, emaciated, etc along with the labels she prescribed a string of drugs, including Seroquel, Ativan, clonazepam, Elavil etc and then mocked me for the side effects of the psych drugs.

    The older I get the more disgusted and horrified I am by the corruption and destruction being wreaked on people by psychiatry. Talk about kicking people when they are down. You express yourself so well and write very eloquently and I hope you keep speaking out and maybe write a blog here on MIA. The more people who expose psychiatry the better. Best wishes to you always and please know you are not alone in your experience, views and thoughts. Take care.

  • Bill, it is disgusting to realize many of the organizations that claim to “oversee” patient safety/rights are nothing of the sort and are just paper pushers who are as corrupt as the medical people that cause harm. And although advocacy agencies may have good intentions they have no power to hold anyone to account or provide any resolutions.
    The amount of embedded corruption and fraud in this world is scary.

  • “It was a struggle to do right by my clients – always my #1 priority – and deal with the politics (and eventually, threats of retaliation and losing my license and career) of working with psychiatrists whose dangerousness to their clients is matched only by their arrogance.”

    Dr. Deacon, wow, a profoundly true and powerful comment. Thank you for your ethics and integrity, and for speaking out on this! So happy to hear you will be writing not just another blog but a whole blog series. I very much look forward to that.

  • Kate, yes many people don’t realize once you are labelled you can refuse to identify with the labels and dispute the labels all you want, but it doesn’t help when you need healthcare services for physical issues as all medical people view you as the ‘labels’ and this very negatively affects all health services you receive. In Canada we have electronic records you can never escape from.
    There may be a few psychiatrists with compassion or who want to “help” but overall psychiatry is not about “helping”. It’s proven itself to be all about pointing fingers, laying blame and judging people. I used to think it was sheer stupidity that prevented psychiatrists from grasping that people have understandable or adaptive responses to adversities and traumas, and these responses are normal, even expected, and certainly NOT some “Disorder”. But now I realize no one can be that stupid.

  • Good point l_e_cox , Is there any life event, trigger etc a psychiatrist would ever consider an understandable reason for someone’s worry or insomnia.
    After a cancer diagnosis and told I had little chance to survive even with chemo, I took it in stride as my gut feeling told me it was fear-mongering to convince me to be in clinical trial to add a 4th drug. (it was and I declined as ‘side’ effects were heart attack, stroke, vision loss, trial halted later, too many fatalities) The 3 toxic chemo drugs had brutal effects too, including severe nosebleeds, vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness etc. I fell, hit my head on a tile floor, split my scalp open and laid unconscious and bleeding. The chemo and steroids caused insomnia so cancer doc sent me to a psychiatrist under the guise I would get “help with sleep meds”. Psychiatrist immediately gave me 4 psych labels and prescribed Seroquel, clonazepam, Elavil etc. I was bald, emaciated, had head trauma, but the only psych “symptom” I had and reported to her was the ‘chemo-induced’ insomnia. But of course nothing of my medical situation was of any interest or concern when she slapped on psych labels.

  • Lael, thanks for your blog. What happened to NG is truly sad but very indicative of how the “mental health” system breaks people down, crushes their spirit and destroys their life – all under the guise of “help”. Some people lose their life because of psychiatry. My younger brother was a liminal figure too, was only seeing a psychiatrist to deal with a depressive phase due to his marriage breakup and his children moving away with his ex but he didn’t survive psychiatry. Rather than “consumers” the people who are snared by the system should be aptly described as prey, pawns or scapegoats.

  • Thank you Dr. Hickey for an excellent dissection of the self-serving absurdity psychiatry keeps spewing. It is all “verbal gymnastics” and nonsensical word salads they keep whipping up in a desperate bid to save face, along with their power and earnings. They have no shame and we sure need you to keep calling them out so well!

  • Excellent point Sam!!
    As you know I am in going back in the ring for Round 20 or so and I am going to make that point.
    A psychologist cannot divulge anything to anyone a client discussed with them without the client’s written permission or a court order – so why would a psychiatrist be able to publish confidential information a person shared with them during a confidential ‘doctor’/patient appointment. That is a violation of doctor/patient trust and I believe should be illegal. Further when many finally get ahold of their records they realize the psychiatrists have twisted their words, blatantly lied and put words in their mouth they never said. Then you find out psychiatrists are allowed to lie and defame people with impunity and there’s no way to get their lies removed from your records. It’s totally obscene.

    Interesting that today some psychiatrists are labelling our provincial Health Minister by stating on social media that they think “he is nuts” because he is trying to reign in doctors high rates of billing. If psychiatrists are so unprofessional and brazen to do that to a Health Minister who disagrees with them it shows what they easily do to ‘patients’ who disagree with them or don’t want treatments forced on them.

  • Thank you for an excellent blog Sarah clearly exposing the harm and corruption involved in the barbaric brain assault called ECT.

    I highly commend you for your activism and diligence to try get ECT halted to protect others while struggling with the profoundly damaging effects yourself. A big thank you to Dr. John Read, Dr. Irving Kirsch and Dr. Laura McGrath for their report and ongoing work.

    “Isn’t it weird that after 80 years of use, longitudinal information from routinely tracking cognitive performance, psychiatric symptomatology and neurological outcomes of people with a history of ECT simply isn’t available?”

    Yes – and how can this be? It is indicative of corruption and cover-up.
    Best of wishes Sarah, you are a warrior and I hope you can keep up the excellent work. I am 95% sure I signed the Petition a few months ago (hope my memory serves me correctly)

  • Thanks Richard for an excellent comment.

    “Psychiatry’s fundamental theoretical and scientific basis is illegitimate, and it should be stripped of its ability to practice medicine in society.”

    Yes, and hopefully as each day passes more people begin to realize how fraudulent and dangerous psychiatry is.

  • Steve, I just checked out your book “Jerk Radar” on Amazon and it sure looks good and it’s got lots of rave reviews. As your analogies are usually spot-on I will definitely put this on my next order. I imagine it mostly applies to romantic jerks (I did have one of those in the past) but maybe the same knowledge can be useful when the jerk is a psychiatrist or a family member.

  • Thanks James for this compelling interview with Dr. Jim Wright in follow up to the World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 2020 (W-BAD) and the informative, revealing Medicating Normal film. It is very heartening to see so many good people working to expose the harm and suffering caused by benzodiazepines and other damaging psych drugs. Thank you Angela Peacock, Nicole Lamberson and everyone involved in producing the film.

    Thanks to Dr. Jim Wright for his knowledge and expertise in speaking out on the harms and potential harms of drugs that somehow have managed to be ignored for so long while being so loosely prescribed to so many unsuspecting people.

    Thanks to Baylissa Frederick for bringing her knowledge, compassion and humanity in helping those who are dealing with the impact and horrible withdrawal of these drugs. My younger brother was one of the unfortunate ones who succumbed to a combination of benzos and SSRI’s and I hope the day comes when this never happens to another person.
    Also must thank Robert Whitaker for all his amazing work as well.

  • Thanks Paula for another very important blog.
    As you always say, it’s as soon as people are labelled for having normal human reactions to life’s struggles that things really go wrong. It’s scary to think many in ‘MH’ may be happily anticipating all the new ‘clients’ in the making regarding COVID. I discovered even if you don’t have the “reactions” they simply lie and twist facts to suit their agenda. Also learned there’s nothing you can do to change or scrub any lies and made-up labels from your records as this totally subjective, punitive “opinion” (defamation/judging/gossiping) of a psychiatrist is akin to the word of God. The whole labelling thing is a totally corrupt sham. Psychiatrists can defame people without any evidence and with complete impunity. It’s appalling how this scam is allowed to keep ruining so many lives.

  • Thanks James and Angela for this informative interview.

    I have bought my ticket and look forward to the screening of Medicating Normal. The ongoing harm and medical mayhem inflicted on so many needs to end. Thanks for all your work James and Angela to keep getting the information out there.

  • Thanks for sharing your insightful story Jill.

    “Psychiatry and most of clinical psychology focuses all problems on the individual. We are encouraged to endlessly reflect on ourselves.”

    Yes, and that is what makes psychiatry (and some psychologists) so revolting. I saw a psychiatrist while in cancer treatment because chemo drugs and steroids were causing insomnia. I was reluctant but cancer docs lied, telling me the visit was only to “get help with sleep meds”. So I agreed to head right over to the psychiatrist believing she had more advanced knowledge about sleep meds than my family doctor. It was the biggest mistake I ever made. She slapped 4 psych labels on me and prescribed Seroquel and clonazepam. She mocked me for having side effects to Seroquel and actually labelled the well known side effects of 3 toxic chemo drugs a “Somatization Disorder”. Then she posted a very damaging report of totally shocking lies onto the widespread electronic health record system. In my province (AB) the electronic records are accessed by every health type of healthcare professional and this has severely impacted my health care. I’ve got copies of my records and would enjoy burning them but unfortunately they live on eternally in the electronic files.

    Keep up the excellent writing Jill and I wish you all the best in the future.

  • Boans, I was wondering if you have ever contacted the Justice Action org in Australia to discuss your case? Until one experiences the blatant lies and brutal corruption in the system you don’t realize how bad it is.
    Don’t know if you saw this latest video of a recent “wellness check” that took place in B.C. Canada, but the girl is suing and I hope she wins.

  • Oh my gosh, glad I saw this too via Sera’s new comment. Great article and I don’t find anything offensive as you acknowledge how much more difficult these circumstances are when you are a POC. And because this applies to so many who are being crushed by different types of power and oppression.

    I love your closing thoughts and I’m sure Sam Plover will too! I have the same thoughts as to what is wrong with the people who so easily carry out or agree to conform to such vile abuses of others.

  • Thanks Justin for this interview with Dr. Aftab.

    “Reading “Anatomy of an Epidemic” ended up being a really jarring experience because I quickly realized that a lot of the arguments and a lot of the data presented in the book were not easily dismissed.”

    First I commend Dr. Aftab for the acknowledgement of Robert Whitaker’s outstanding book. It’s good to know many psychiatrists have at least read this book.

    Psychiatry starts harming someone the minute they depersonalize someone by turning them into a subjective “label” rather than a person struggling to navigate difficult circumstances in life. Conceptual competence and humility may be possible for some psychiatrists to adopt but I fear most have far too much arrogance and hubris to ever accept they could be wrong or could learn from a service user. The young psychiatrist I saw for insomnia while in cancer treatment certainly had no conceptual competence. Furthermore she had no humility and no competence – period. How do you ever learn humility if you never allow yourself to be corrected?

    I appreciate Dr. Aftab for trying to make positive changes but a real turning point would be if Dr. Aftab was to interview a service user for Psychiatric Times. If psychiatrists were able to hear, process and acknowledge the harm a service user has endured now that might led to some progress in conceptual competence and humility.

  • Bradford, your comment resonates for me as I too was falsely portrayed as being “suicidal” when I was NOT. And when I provided more information in order to emphasize the fact I was NOT the psychiatrist simply twisted my words to suit her agenda.

    Re “Harvard Guy”, I really took that as Sera showing disdain for the selfish motives that he (HG) displayed through his hypocritical stand on the matter of assessments.

  • Thank you Sera, you get two thumbs up from me for this piece.
    I learned first-hand the whole assessment thing is totally clueless, biased and harmful. As for “Harvard Guy” I viewed that comment as your usual witty cynicism towards those in positions of power who claim to “help” but whose actions – and hypocrisy – are in fact an existential threat to those in need of help.

    Yes there certainly should be more to life than simply existing or surviving an “assessment” only to spend years aimlessly walking the halls of a psychiatric hospital.

  • Caroline, thanks, your article is great and you make many good points.
    It seems the general view of the “MH” system (for now anyway) is those experiencing distress regarding Corona Virus may not immediately need psych labels slapped on them because the distress is understandable due to difficult circumstances (heck even psychiatrists are stressed about it) But this makes it quite glaring that those who had worry or distress due to difficult circumstances prior to Corona virus were quickly labelled and drugged and all context conveniently ignored.

  • Thank you Liam for this report and for representing Kerry O’Malley. Thank God for the Justice Action organization! This is despicable. Once again the ‘mental health system’ is exposed for their fraudulent violations of dignity, humanity and trust. How disgusting this ongoing torture is used on a harmless 74 year old woman whose only issues were getting stressed or having trouble to sleep.

    Thank you Kerry O’Malley for bravely speaking out and fighting for justice. Best wishes to you and Liam for success and to finally have long overdue freedom and peace.

  • Interesting article Miranda.

    Is psychiatry worried they are missing out on new clients as per this recent article in Psychiatric Times:

    “Given those comparisons and connections, it might be advisable not to bring in federal active-duty troops right now, but rather to bring in the psychiatrists. We very well might have a better understanding of how to deal with our inborn tendencies.”


  • An excellent essay Dr. Hunter with a crucial message.
    Let’s see…. would someone in distress rather be beaten up by the police or labelled, degraded and coerced by psychiatry? It’s like picking your poison, which is the lesser of the evils. The police should never be involved in any calls for people who are distressed, suicidal etc. but psychiatry is just as bad and in some ways worse. There already was an “epidemic” as Robert Whitaker wrote about, and now it is poised to get much worse by involving psychiatry instead of police and pushing anyone struggling with the economic fallout/stressors of COVID into the arms of psychiatry.

    DEFUND PSYCHIATRY. A totally different system is needed, one that actually cares about people and wants to ‘help’ rather than harm.

  • Thanks Snowyowl. 🙂 As for how I am doing these days, like so many who have been unjustly attacked by psychiatry it’s a work in progress to battle back. It’s has been eye opening to realize how much corruption there is in psychiatry and also in cancer treatment. It was a double whammy to say the least.

    I watched some of the video link and will try watch it all later tonight. It is heavy duty stuff, but nothing surprises me anymore. I hope you are doing okay and can get some peace in your life soon too!

  • Good to see this group of physicians come forward to speak out against the twisting of information and miscarriages of justice in the health system. I noticed that 7 of these physicians (that appear to have consciences) are psychiatrists. Now if only they would get involved and vocal in speaking out about the many injustices, harm and inhumane loss of lives that psychiatry causes.

  • Sam, you make some good points. It can get intimidating in the comments section and after my psych ordeal (cancer docs colluding with a psychiatrist to get 4 psych labels put onto my electronic records permanently so they could tyrannically force UNEEDED cancer treatments on me) my tolerance for stress/conflict is lower these days.

    There is so much to absorb about everything happening in the world these days at times it gets overwhelming. I saw this video today made by a Black girl of which she addressed “Dear White People” and it’s food for thought.

  • It’s been a robust discussion here in the comments section and I am only going to add my voice to also express appreciation for Robert Whitaker and MIA staff and writers. Robert saw the harm in regards to psychiatric practices but didn’t look away or stay silent, he delved into the mess to expose it. Psychiatry is hubris and power and will attack those who dare to scrutinize them so that alone is highly commendable in my books. This site has been very validating and helpful for me and I will always remain grateful for that.

  • Thanks for this blog and all your ongoing great work Irit. As for getting legislation in line with the CRPD, it’s high time Canada (and the U.S. and other countries) not just ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walk the walk’. There is much unrest and much at stake these days and giving lip service to human rights can no longer be acceptable.

    Also great statement you made (in the comment section) Irit bears repeating:

    “From what I see many people who get into politics do so to exert power over others, though I imagine most or all are lying to themselves about that, as shrinks and their minions (and a great many police officers, etc.) must surely be doing as well. Humanitarian concerns are only important when they don’t challenge the status quo.”

  • Anomie, Thanks for your reply. What I was trying to say was more in keeping with how Dr. Breggin is still a psychiatrist but is helping anti psychiatry/survivors by speaking out against psychiatry, even stating that going to a psychiatrist is one of the most dangerous things you can do. I was thinking if we had more dissident psychiatrists willing to speak out as Dr. Breggin does it can help anti psychiatry. I may be wrong but I thought Dr. Breggin still sees a few people/patients but does not slap DSM labels on people or prescribe psych drugs.

  • Thanks Oldhead, I am always open to friendly analysis. 🙂
    I agree with the two AP principles you noted above and realize people in distress end up worse off when subjected to psychiatry than if they have no where else to go.

    It just seems to me the odds of getting psychiatry abolished would be increased if the masses/general public are onboard and most people don’t know how psychiatry operates and trust them – until they are harmed or someone close to them is. For many the thought of a loved one, friend etc being in distress, suicidal etc and not having anywhere to turn or to take them is a huge concern. When my younger brother became distressed/depressed over his marriage breakup and kids moving away we unfortunately turned to psychiatry for ‘help’ because we were brainwashed – and there was no where else to turn. He ended up drugged, went downhill, could no longer work or function, and just died one day – with no explanation at all from psychiatry. Had he not been subjected to psychiatry I’m quite sure he would still be alive today. But I also know he still needed ‘help’ of some kind to get back on track.
    I realize wanting the hierarchy of psychiatry to reform is akin to asking the mafia to reform, so I agree it should be abolished but the question for me is ‘how’ to get that accomplished.

  • It gave me a bit of hope to see June 4, 2020 our Health Minister introduced Bill 17, which proposes amendments to the Mental Health Act to strength patients rights and ensure those right are respected. It’s a small step but better than the status quo.

    “To safeguard patients’ rights, proposed amendments include requiring hospitals to provide free and timely access to medical records and information about legal counsel and the mental health patient advocate. Facilities would also be required to review forms more promptly, so patients are fully informed about why they are detained. Patients staying in a hospital for more than 30 days would be provided with a treatment plan, including criteria for release, so they know what to expect.”

  • Oldhead,
    “There is nothing provided by psychiatry which could be considered even ostensibly helpful that cannot be provided by other means, sans the fraudulent trappings of medicine and science’.

    Yes, I totally agree.
    Psychiatry has nothing to offer but defamatory labels, toxic drugs and ECT, and should be dismantled. But people do wind up in distress and there needs to be something else in place to help. If only psychiatrists who are aware the protocols of psychiatry are harmful would lobby governments, M.P.’s, mental health organizations, community services, etc, to set up a new type of system similar to Soteria House that would provide compassion, understanding and various supports that would be a win-win. If something else was in place I think psychiatry would quickly become obsolete and easily abolished.

  • Dr. Marcello, Having been harmed by psychiatry I am very grateful to Robert Whitaker and MIA as finding the MIA website was very validating and therapeutic. I strongly support MIA, their work and overall message and am glad more countries joined the ‘Mad’ family/affiliates because it helps spread the message.

    It’s clear the tenets of the medical model of psychiatry are doing grave harm, certainly far more harm than good, and I hope that message gets stronger. Psychiatry should no longer be a ‘medical’ model but rather a ‘social’ model that acknowledges many varied psychosocial determinants are behind people’s suffering and/or distress. The problems/issues are most often social and environmental and not within the person, and as such there should not be the need for stigmatizing and defamatory labels or administering of toxic psych drugs.

    I appreciate any psychiatrist who is open minded and wanting to see change, and appreciate that you apparently are of that mind. As the saying goes there is strength in numbers so an international network sounds good to me. Thanks and best wishes in your endeavours.

  • Sera, thank you for addressing this with so much truth, logic and sensitivity. And you stated it well (in a reply to Fiachra)…. “loss of power and control is a major contributor to suicidal thoughts and feelings, and examining how the system that’s trying to stop someone from killing themselves nonetheless immediately resorts to things that take power and control away… It makes zero sense, and yet it happens all the time.”
    Also this… “You’re right that some providers are willing to twist and look for signs of whatever they want if they’ve got a particular agenda…”

    I was sent to a psychiatrist after I developed chemo-induced insomnia and only later learned of the “agenda.” An oncologist stated I had little chance to survive cancer – but my intuition correctly told me otherwise and I’d never had any thoughts of suicide. Like why would I – it’d be like standing in front of a firing squad and saying “No, wait, let me shoot myself instead”. However, out of the blue at a 4th appt the young psychiatrist (practicing 6 months) asked the ‘suicide’ question. Perplexed, I replied, “No, of course I’m not”. She gave a disbelieving look and quizzed me again. To try convince her I wasn’t ‘suicidal’ I said “I haven’t made a Will yet and would NEVER want to die without a Will”. So what does she document….”the only thing stopping her from suicide is she doesn’t have a Will”. It would be laughable it wasn’t so intentionally twisted and dishonest. Obviously psychiatry uses the ‘suicide’ question in a very exploitive way – and whatever you answer will be held against you. With psychiatry this is always a loaded question – a trick question for which there is never an appropriate or acceptable answer.

    Oh yes, love the idea of a risk assessment for people to use on providers! Definitely much needed!

  • Thank you Leah for the great reporting. Wow! – Sera, Naomi Pinson, Kathy Flaherty/CT Legal Rights, MHLAC and everyone else involved – what incredible work you are all doing!
    Thank you all for your humanity and generosity of spirit to stand up for those who have been stripped of their power.

    “In addition to the letter, petition, and car caravan protest, Mass ACT is actively working with advocates at the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, the Disability Law Center, and other state and local groups to locate potential plaintiffs to launch a class-action lawsuit against the state for its poor management of conditions inside its facilities”.

    Yes, if potential plaintiffs are found and a class-action lawsuit launched that would certainly shake things up. Sending best wishes and good vibes for the caravan protest on May 31! (I would love to join you but I’m in Canada)

  • Sera, thanks for another great blog!

    I was not familiar with DJ Jaffe but just watched a bit of a Ted Talk video of him. If he has a brother labelled with SMI I wonder if he had his brother forcibly treated, and if so, how his brother felt about it. Too bad he doesn’t put his energy into researching and speaking out against the harm and adverse reactions that toxic psych drugs bring about.

    To anyone who says the lock down makes them feel oppressed, isolated and fearful, well those who have been subjected to the oppression and coercion of psychiatry certainly can say ‘Welcome to my world” as what goes on in psychiatry is the ultimate lock down.

    This is a petition regarding future medical care for those in the US who may be interested:

  • Thank you Dr. Tasch, your blog exposes the truth the general public does not yet grasp – that psychiatry is not about “helping” people and someone’s suffering is more likely to invoke anger and disgust in a psychiatrist than anything else. There are many psychiatrists whose “treatment” or actions are more like revenge or retaliation for a person daring to try have a voice, to define their own reality or honor their own thoughts and feelings.

    “Mark was placed in a psychiatric unit for 10 days just because he angered his psychiatrist!”

    “In spite of the fact that Mark was not supposed to undergo a recommitment evaluation or hearing after 6 months, his psychiatrist attempted to keep the commitment going”.

    I commend you Dr. Tasch for stepping in and doing what you can to bring some relief for people enduring these abhorrent practices and for exposing what goes on. I hope your voice and that of like-minded professionals keeps getting louder.

  • Thanks for clarifying this Steve, so I guess I can describe a psychiatrist as “narcissistic” and that does not mean I am “diagnosing” her. I have no desire to “diagnose” anyone with any spurious DM label and since the dictionary describes “narcissistic” as:

    “egocentric; egoistic. Having an inflated idea of one’s own importance. Obsessed with one’s own self image and ego.”

    it does describe her (and other psychiatrists) quite accurately.

  • If Trump had a psych assessment and was labelled with a DSM label to remove him from office that would only serve to give credence to the spurious DSM labels. It would be extremely detrimental to those unfortunate enough to have been given one of these bogus and defamatory labels.

    A great piece Paula, as always and thanks for your ongoing work in speaking out against the spurious DSM labels.

  • madmother13, I think anyone would feel the same when the reality and essence of who they are has been totally redefined by a judgemental psychiatrist who knows very little about who they are nor their life circumstances (and of course doesn’t want to know) and instead resorts to writing lies to fit with their agenda. It amounts to a very unjust character defamation and I hope the day comes when psychiatrists can be sued for character defamation.

    Up until maybe 10-15 years ago the record/lies would have remained in the paper files of the psychiatrist’s office and/or maybe faxed to your GP’s office. But nowadays (at least in Canada) the damaging lies of psychiatrists are posted onto widespread electronic records. Wherever you go for any type of medical services these records are regularly pulled up and reviewed before you receive any treatment. It totally changes what services you will be given and the manner you will be treated. Rather than “help” psychiatry does break people down.

  • As so many have noted, this was truly a heart-breaking story to read. There are no words to convey my sadness and anger in knowing your kind, handsome, talented son’s death was brought about by psychiatry. There is much Abraham thought and voiced that resonates for me after my own encounter with psychiatry (for insomnia while in cancer treatment). You state it well in calling the psych labels “tantamount to a curse”. They definitely are a “curse” and even if a person chooses to disregard or ignore the label, all the healthcare personnel do not. The label is hung around your neck like an albatross, you are not allowed to forget it or disregard it. After a label is hung on you, a pervasive climate of blame follows and the person is blamed for every difficult circumstance in their life.

    “Seemingly quite “normal” behaviour or things he may have said were taken out of context and “pathologised” to fit the psychiatric diagnostic paradigm.”

    Yes, as most who obtain their psych records discover, they have ignored context, twist your words and write damaging, blatant lies, all in an effort to fit their labelling paradigm – and there is nothing you can do about it. People are led to believe they will get “help” or at least will be in a safe place, but instead what follows is institutional betrayal of the worst kind.

    Thank you for sharing Abraham’s painful and also very courageous story. Abraham’s story should be read by every practicing psychiatrist and every person out there who still has not yet realized how utterly destructive psychiatry is. Sending best wishes Malcolm, and I hope you take some comfort in knowing that in bravely sharing Abraham’s story you have helped others.

  • That is a good point Sam!
    Psychiatry wanting to warn people of the “dangerousness” of others when in fact everything about psychiatry is so dangerous itself.
    As Dr. Breggin put it so well – seeing a psychiatrist may be one of the most dangerous things you can do.
    Yes, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Pure hypocrisy.

  • Aerial Ballet, there is also a huge issue of informed consent regarding taking psych drugs. Some of these drugs may make people ‘feel better’ initially but they are not told the ‘better’ feeling doesn’t last long, or that these drugs will eventually damage their brain and body and attempting withdrawal is BRUTAL and sometimes not even possible.

    As well once they put their damaging DSM labels onto your electronic health records you will be viewed through the lens of these labels and face ongoing gaslighting and discrimination the rest of your life. Even though you may know/realize the labels are totally inappropriate and outright BS all health care professionals view them as the word of God. And in most cases you can never get your records amended or corrected in any way.

  • I agree Dr. Deacon and Steve! This is HUGE!

    “that character structure is not something that psychiatrists should ever even consider.”

    A derogatory DSM label – that is in fact ‘character’ defamation – and has caused immense discrimination and suffering for so many is deemed not valid by a high profile psychiatrist who was President of the APA. Wow! The arrogance, manipulation of information and hypocrisy of this morally bankrupt guild is astounding.

    This does need some major coverage! It would help show people how corrupt and self-serving psychiatry is and that if a label of “personality disorder” is not valid what does that say about the validity of all the other DSM labels.

  • Great comment Miranda. I am against censorship and the APA muzzling anyone (even a group from their own guild) is just more proof of the sickening power and control psychiatry wields. While it is desirable for people to understand that a president who acts bombastic, impulsively, etc, does pose a great deal of danger to the country, I can’t get onboard with the opinion of psychiatrists (who obviously believe in DSM labels for anyone they deem is exhibiting inappropriate behaviour) being given any credibility to put the message out.

  • Dr. Hickey, thank you for another compelling and very informative essay. Kudos for always dissecting and exposing the bull**** so very well!

    A couple of sentences (of many) that stand out:

    “Treating “real illnesses” with “real medicines” enabled them to believe that they were real doctors.”
    “Psychiatrists invent psychiatric “illnesses” and then “discover” that lots of people have them.”

    Yes, and how pathetic is that. Psychiatry is a most vile and corrupt institution and I thank you for continuing to write such important essays to expose the corruption. Best wishes, stay safe & healthy!