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  • It absolutely is child abuse for schools to allow drug pushers of any type into the classroom. Most people would support physical and mental wellbeing instruction for children. But much of what is now happening under the guise of “mental health” is not in the best interest of children and their families. Organizations creating and delivering school instruction have profit as their primary goal regardless that their greasy PR claims otherwise.

    Pharma/psych industry school “health” curriculum is ultimately designed to identify new customers for products and services. The multi-layers of misinformation and deceit have deep roots of collusion far beyond what most people could fathom. Unfortunately, the school blog series is just a tip of this bone-chilling iceberg.

    As you aptly noted, it is akin to a horror story with the Pied Piper of Hamlin. But instead of a flute, he carries a gun.

  • My teenaged-daughter, Natalie’s, prescribed suffering and death was caused by akathisia and serotonin toxicity. I first heard the word, “akathisia” when consulting with medical experts after her avoidable death. I’ve since helped create a free, accredited online course called Akathisia 101 available at See for more information about akathisia. My child’s story of prescribed harm is at and

    Unfortunately, school districts are increasingly inviting pharma-funded organizations into the classroom to teach children an illness approach to mental health challenges. No surprise this instruction embraces risky drugs often not meant for children. See

  • While I don’t have statistics, I believe when people discontinue SSRIs and start experiencing anxiety, suicidality, irritability and “depression” that weren’t presenting symptoms, they are more likely to be experiencing drug withdrawal ADRS than they are likely to be experiencing a worsening of said “illness.”

    Doctors routinely break the Hippocratic Oath by not first informing potential drug consumers that the product they are promoting:
    1) Has serious and possibly permanent ADRs
    2) Has shown limited effectiveness in clinical trials
    3) Has possibly never been approved for the consumer or his/her symptoms (off label, prescribing to children, etc.)
    4) Might be impossible to ever stop taking due to withdrawal ADRs.

    My teenager was unknowingly prescribed SSRIs off label. She later told the doctor she wanted to stop taking them. The doctor provided no instructions whatsoever regarding tapering nor did the doctor inform us that new and/or worsening symptoms upon withdrawal could be related to SSRI addiction and not to any new possible “illness.” As a result, my child asked to restart Zoloft because she believed she was very ill and “needed it.” She then experienced akathisia, Serotonin Toxicity and died. Our avoidable tragedy is very common.

    Doctors who fail to inform consumers of the withdrawal issues are, literally, torturing and killing their patients. They should error on the side of ADRs and not automatically attribute such symptoms to possible underlying “illness.” However, it seems doctors have difficulty honoring the Hippocratic Oath because it requires that they acknowledge the real possibility that their own pharmacological intervention has harmed their trusting patients. Far easier on one’s ego (and bank account) to blame the patient and book weekly appointments for life.

    Lastly, I contend it is misleading and incorrect to automatically refer to chemicals as “medications.” To do so implies the prescriber knows that the substance will be helpful to the consumer. Given that nobody knows if a chemical will serve as a medication or a toxin until after the consumer ingests it, it would be more honest and accurate to discuss proposed drugs as simply chemicals or pharmaceutical products.

  • Erin and Lawrence-I really appreciate your sharing such spot-on insights. I’ve met many intelligent parents who’ve also lost children to unnecessary drugging and we speak out in hope that other parents might understand these tragedies can and do happen to families from all walks of life. Some of the bizarre comments we receive include that our children died because we “never taught them about God” that we “were bad parents” and/or we are “dishonest” about prescribing events and doctors’ treatments. These comments don’t really bother us on a personal level, but they do reflect the larger public health issue Lawrence pointed out: Many people refuse to believe their doctors, government regulators and institutions (schools, suicide prevention organizations, AMA etc.) have created a business model that causes avoidable harm to unsuspecting consumers.

    Erin, I do recall our previous conversation and thank you for supporting Letters. All the best,

  • I agree with your comments and wish with all my heart I could turn back time and make different health “care” decisions. Unfortunately, when my child was prescribed SSRIs for mild anxiety and “OCD-like” symptoms, (yet never receiving any specific diagnosis), we were told she likely had a “mild” chemical imbalance. When I initially refused drugs, I was told I was harming my child by withholding treatment and that “there were pictures of the brain that showed anxiety has a permanent adverse impact on the brain.” Of course today I know this is a marketing lie but it’s too late for my family as her brain was chemically disabled by SSRIs and she died a violent akathisia-induced death at barely 19.

  • Thank you for spotlighting this systemic gateway to childhood drug addiction and death. As a former educator, I saw firsthand how school districts essentially take laundered money from pharma/pharma organizations for “mental health and suicide prevention” curriculum that is, in effect, a thinly-veiled drug promotion program.

    As the parent of a child who suffered and died from unnecessary SSRI prescribing, I was uninformed despite my best efforts to gain accurate information from our doctors. Today I understand SSRIs are also a conduit to drug use and abuse. SSRIs often diminish children’s sense of self and their ability to consciously recognize risks but increase impulsive behaviors. It’s a tragedy so many parents, including myself, learn of these often fatal ADRs far too late.

  • It’s interesting to read all the insights and shared experiences this MIA article sparked. I agree it is unlikely the present business of psychiatry will ever die. However, as more people publicly share their experiences of medical violence and prescribed demise, it is possible the field could slowly rediscover analysis/talk therapy based on mutual respect and equality. Such a transformation would take a generation of altruistic young professionals more interested in making a positive difference than a quick buck.

  • Thank you, Lawrence, for penning this honest article based on your academic training and professional experiences. I also appreciate your kind comments here.

    There are so many wise and caring people dedicated to stopping medical violence. I believe one of the most critical first steps is securing the basic human right to Informed Consent. We all know the reasons why Informed Consent isn’t mandated. But without it, there can be no respectful, collaborative doctor/patient relationship.

    Warm regards,

  • Erin,

    Your thoughtful comments and dedicated advocacy brings tears to my eyes. I miss my daughter every minute of every day. My irreparable broken heart also serves as a motivator to do what I can to save other moms from such profound grief and loss.

    We face an uphill battle for truth and transparency. (Long ago I gave up any hope for justice in Natalie’s death and the countless others I’ve since learned about.) But we persevere because, as you note, lives are being saved and prescribed suffering avoided/reduced. Thank you for your kind words about Natalie, and for your support of Letters and Netherworld. I am grateful.

    Warm regards,

  • This article really hits home for me. I must add that if the psychiatrists who literally destroyed my child and family were given truth serum, they’d be forced to admit “I did not treat my patients the way I wished to be treated. I did not follow ‘The Golden Rule.'”

    As the mother of a teenaged daughter whose was chemically kidnapped, tortured and killed by psychiatrists and their potions, this unfathomable realization came too late for us. After Natalie’s death, I was, understandably, in shock. However, the aftershock produced by my research which led me to the realization that the harm done to my family was intentional and avoidable, well this aftershock was and will forever be surreal. It is almost more difficult to accept this fact than it is to accept that I returned home from a normal day of teaching high school to find my own teen had died a terrible death.

    As a teacher, The Golden Rule was my motto: I treated all of my students the way I would want my own children to be treated. I could have never envisioned the harm psychiatrists’ callous carelessness could create simply because it wasn’t in my consciousness to believe medical professionals would purposely harm their trusting patients and families.

    My family contains several health care professionals, doctors and Ivy-league PhD’s. I’m not “anti-doctor” nor “anti-drug” nor “anti-academic.” I am simply “pro-truth” and “pro-informed consent.” My child and I never received either. As a result I saw my Natalie go off in a coffin instead of off to college. Nothing can change this fact. But I will never be silent as speaking out can save another mom’s precious child. I try not to lose sight of such a hopeful, important goal. Natalie was intellectually gifted from an early age. She unwittingly documented her ADRs in her diaries and I hope people will benefit from my sharing them. They are found on YouTube under Natalie Gehrki, Netherworld. I know she would want others to benefit from her prescribed suffering as do I.

  • Thank you, both, for your kindness and for insightfully sharing this serious ADR, often mislabeled by doctors as an “illness.” Many doctors cannot fathom their own pharmaceutical intervention causes their clients’ avoidable suffering and deaths. But being uninformed, uncaring and/or egotistical should not excuse medical professionals from being held accountable for medical violence and medical manslaughter.

    My 19 year-old died feeling hopeless because she believed her doctor. The doctor led Natalie to believe she was very ill, so ill that the doctor never provided a specific diagnosis. The doctor’s response to akathisia was to increase the cause of akathisia: She directed Natalie–over the phone–to take more Zoloft. Two days of 200mg of Zoloft and Natalie was dead.

    We received no Informed Consent nor did the doctor inform me she increased Zoloft. Since Natalie already had the drug in hand, she merely followed doctor’s advice. The night before Natalie died, she had several symptoms of prescribed akathisia and Serotonin Toxicity. I commented on new changes in behavior (i.e. loss of coordination, change of gait), but not knowing that the drug had been increased, I couldn’t recognize these changes were serious signs of fatal ADRs…

    I have doctors and medical professionals in my family. I am not anti-drug nor anti-doctor. I am simply pro-humanity: Informed Consent is a fundamental human right.

  • Thank you for this outstanding podcast series: Sharing personal experiences and accurate data helps inform, inspire and build collaborative communities of global citizens dedicated to others’ well-being.

    Akathisia is a serious ADR causing much suffering and death. It is buried under the rug by regulators, Pharma, doctors, and “mental health” organizations because if drug consumers knew more about akathisia, they would be less likely to consume. This systemic concealment led to the burial of my child who was destroyed by akathisia and unnecessary prescribing. Since Natalie’s death, I’ve been fortunate to meet dedicated people who productively advocate for drug safety and transparency. Bob is one of these tireless activists and undoubtedly a “rock star” in my book.

    “Mental health” and “suicide prevention” organizations with strong pharma ties don’t want akathisia awareness. They’d prefer to see mothers of dead children buried in grief and shame, hanging our heads on the sidelines wearing a scarlet A for Anonymous. But blogs like Fiddaman’s empower parents to publicly share our blood-stained scarlet A for Akathisia.

    My teen’s prescribed demise is at:

  • Dave,

    As a former military wife and relative of several service academy grads, I applaud you for bravely speaking out so others might live. In Navy speak, “Non sibi sed patriae.”

    As the mother of a teen whose life was destroyed and ended by SSRIs and medical “care,” I, too, contacted legislators to discuss Informed Consent and Black Box warnings. (Natalie’s story is at ). I explained that the fatal Zoloft dose which precipitated my daughter’s death was prescribed over the phone without ever being seen by the doctor and no close monitoring. I stated this is increasing the suicide rate among our troops.

    I was met by congressional members with blank stares of disbelief and likely labeled a “grieving, delusional mother” upon my departure. They chose to ignore the data provided (similar to that in your letter) because all had taken pharmaceutical funding and one congressional wife serves on a board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). AFSP’s financial and personal ties to the pharmaceutical industry is so great, AFSP is calling for an end to the Black Box warnings. (My open letter to AFSP is at:

    The tangled web that perpetuates harm to unsuspecting, innocent consumers is large and well-organized. However, I do believe speaking can save others from prescribed torture. Dave, thank you again for your leadership.

  • Dear Candreae,

    I assure you, my daughter’s fatal reaction to unnecessarily prescribed psychotropic drugs was not, to borrow your phrase, “sensationalistic bullshit.” Neither were her documented adverse drug reactions to include loss of balance and memory, coughing up blood, extreme sensitivity to light, skin crawling, and, after the misguided doctor doubled the dose, psychosis and death. I wish very much this wasn’t the truth. But such adverse drug reactions are supported by continuous data. If corpses could talk, you’d hear similar experiences of thousands of others–experiences that vividly bring data to life.

    Should you desire “sensationalistic bullshit,” perhaps spend a few hours reading pharmaceutical advertisements and glossy pamphlets, the info many doctors rely on to “treat” their customers. Then compare this info to data as reported by thousands of people who actually consumed the product. Doing so requires dedication, intellectual curiosity, and the skills to identify and decipher data. Should you have such interest and/or abilities, I sincerely wish you all the best on your research.

  • Thanks for your condolences, Olga. By adeptly sharing our personal “stories,” we can shine a spotlight on these well-worn, but systemically hidden trails.

    I appreciate Mad in America for chipping away the thin layers of government and corporate deceit. Erosion takes time, but just as Mother Nature is a powerful force, so, too, are devoted moms.

  • As a trained journalist (back in the 80’s when “mainstream” journalism still seemed to have a few honest, respectable reporters), I appreciated this well-written, engaging article. As the mother of a teenager whose torture and death was caused by legally prescribed poison, it makes me livid to realize the extent our government will go to put profits before people. This article highlights the real terrorism threat to U.S. citizens. The perpetrators are largely domestic. They wear suits and carry briefcases, not backpacks. Instead of writing individual manifestos, they systemically suppress information to cause harm. And their random beheadings of innocent people require no sharp knives, just chemicals that seldom leave a trail…

    I hope one day Americans will understand we don’t need to look far to see a government’s weapons of mass destruction.

  • The poignant diaries featured in this film were written by my teenage daughter. She was a very bright girl whose chemical torture and death were caused by medical “care” and SSRIs. She was not “mentally ill” and her original presenting symptoms at age 9 were due to what we later learned was situational anxiety. I shared her insightful writing and our family’s true horror story so that other children might live. (I would never share my child’s story to promote a product.) Prior to the film’s release, I had never heard of True Hope nor do I have any financial interest in their product. Today there are few independent film makers, journalists and researchers who cover life and death topics such as this one. I hope these efforts continue to spark healthy dialogue that ultimately leads to positive change.