Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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  • As a psychiatrist for the last 45 years—one who has considered himself a subversive agent when he was employed within the system—I can testify that most psychiatrists are so caught up in the trance that they actually believe it. To survive medical school, internship and residency you almost have to become a fact memorizing, authority-trusting, algorithm-following robot. You are then, unless you are incredibly willful, and surrounded by supportive others, you are hired by a huge corporation to be essentially an assembly line worker; moving product through the system. Long hours, perpetually on call; any time for reflection is stolen time. Neoliberalism and the DSM project hit just as I finished my training in the mid-seventies. It’s been going to Hell ever since.

  • Thank you MIA, and thank you Sami Timimi, for saying so clearly and boldly the things I, as a human being trying to be useful to others after being credentialed as a psychiatrist, have been foaming at the mouth about for the last 40 years. I look forward to reading your forthcoming chapters.
    This looks like it just might be the book I have been wishing I had the disciplined scholarship and artistic flair to write. Now someone is doing it. I can’t say that anything about this fraught territory makes me happy, but I’m grateful for the help in spreading the word and focusing my rage.

  • As a psychiatrist who has been railing against the wrongheadedness of American Psychiatry for the 45 years that I have been practicing, I am soooooooo excited, thrilled, impressed by the scholarship this interview documents.

    I have ordered the book. (From my local bookseller.)

    I have contacted my favorite American Studies scholar and hyped the book to her.

    This sheds so much new, different, and much-needed light on issues that have vexed me, and tortured the people I have tried to serve, throughout my career.

    Huge thanks and congratulations to Mab Segrest, to Leah for such an excellent interview, (a precis of the book, it seems), and to MIA for making work such as this possible and spreading the news.