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  • Hello Magdalene,

    Thank you so much for you comment and your interest in my story. In response to your question about my relationship to my parents, I am really fortunate to have close relationships to all three of my parents. My parents were taken quite by surprise when they learned that I had gotten involved in self injury and didn’t know who to turn to. At 15, I couldn’t tell them exactly why I was doing it. They were willing to try anything to help me, and at the time therapy and psychiatry were the most accessible. And, it was what all the books suggested. One of my parents fought very hard against the decision to medicate me, while the other ( who is a doctor) wasn’t as strongly opposed. When the medications started to get to incredibly high dosages, and it was clear that they were not helping, everyone was in agreement that something had to be done, but no one had a clue as to what that should look like. It was a frightening situation for everyone involved. I hope that answers your question!

    Thanks again,

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