Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • My view is that LOVE can heal. Anger and rage can propel us to work for change. ( Hopefully with love in our hearts to avoid hate and war.)

    Is working toward and talking about things to create change for each of us individually just for our own selves or is it also the empathy and love for others in our hearts that also drives us to fight to create change?

    Here are some words of wisdom to live by from Maya Angelou…

    “Use that anger.
    You write it.
    You paint it.
    You dance it.
    You march it.
    You vote it.
    You do everything about it. ”
    — Maya Angelou —

  • Rachel777,

    I am deeply empathetic to what you are saying.

    I have had to do my share of forgiving with my Mom after NAMI educated and guilted her into having me force treated. I really can’t blame my Mom for being misinformed. She thought she was doing the best for me. Now, NAMI, on the other hand… I have no forgiveness for them or other entities with the same view of things.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and some of your personal truth! I truly believe that through our stories we will be able to create a “system” of care that is far from mainstream thought.

    I carry a huge love for all of life on Earth. But, like you, on an individual basis, I could do without many people. The public has been so misinformed by media and stigma that it will be hard to turn around. However, I think it can be done! We are doing it by discussing it.

    Love and tears can heal many things. In addition, animal companions, writing, music and more can help.
    Here’s a music mantra to live by:

    Getting Better / Tesla + Lyrics


    I think the key to finding loving friendships may be to find those that are like-minded. So, I guess we are all in the right place.

    Don’t give up on love! First and foremost love and be kind to yourself and those vibes will attract more of the same.

    Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you!

    Jonell <3

  • I apologize, I keep thinking I am through commenting here and obviously I am not.

    You said that you are “totally against people trusting any authorities, especially psychiatrists, which was the main point of my article.”

    I am somewhat perplexed by this statement. Unless your Bio is incorrect, It says that you ARE a psychiatrist. I wonder if that statement also includes yourself.

    Aside from that, if we are not to trust people with authority and the so-called experts who in this hell that life can be can people trust. Are there no ethical standards left in this world? What about the commitments and vows to “first do no harm”? (Yes, I know that statement has been made frequently.) I wonder why there is defiance of that. It is so plainly clear that psychiatry does not believe in the hypocritical, oops, I meant Hippocratic oath. I wonder if what the namesame of the oath believed in is even known by physicians of any kind; it certainly is not practiced.

    Sorry to go on and on. I am sick and tired from it all. Very literally.

    Here’s a tidbit of wisdom we can all contemplate from William Osler (one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital):
    “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.”

  • I can say that my negative reaction was NOT to the idea that people can overcome their circumstances. My reaction was because your stated theory is that we “institutionalize” ourselves by seeking help.

    I believe that people can heal but we also need support at times and not via drugging. To get talk therapy these days a person needs to be diagnosed so the code can be submitted for payment. It’s all about profit. The whole industry of it all.

    I am wondering what is defined, in your mind, as “genuine neurotoxic chemicals”? I would be interested in comparing your examples to some of the psych drugs used in people.

    Not only are children and the elderly drugged against their will. Animals are now being subjected to the psychiatric experimentation. It is an absolute abuse of power and it is criminal behavior that should be prosecuted!

    I would spend more time detailing my thoughts about your comments but would like to spend my time aiding those with real solutions for people. and not theorizing that seekers of help are doing it to themselves.

    Where in our society, in any way, are natural remedies, non-DSM trained supportive people and therapies available to people other than those who have money to pay out of pocket. The government and insurance companies dictate the “medicine” we are allowed to use. What choices exist for people needing help and support. I wonder if you think the majority of people taking any kind of psychiatric drug actually ask for it.

    What needs to be mandated is TRUE informed consent and actual choice by having options available and paid for by the insurance companies that we are mandated to pay so that they will deny coverage and keep the money to invest for profit.

    It is a deeply broken system and to me, it is not worth trying to reform or fight.

    I am putting my energies with those who are creating change!

    I am taking to heart the words or Buckminster Fuller:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    Theorize all you want but I, a psychiatric survivor, do not need the blame you are trying to place on us.

    “Us” includes people involuntarily and if you can call it this “voluntarily” psychiatrically drugged. The whole system is to blame and anyone that refers a person to a DSM-minded practitioner is included.

    You may not have been speaking directly about my unique situation but you are referring to people who have been “trapped” by psychiatry and went through similar situations that I did because of it.

    Just a note that because I am the kind of person who tends to “think outside of the box” psychiatry backed by the law felt that I lacked “insight into my illness.” That load of B.S. is what was used to try to conform me and brain-wash me for more years than I will ever be able to forget. (I won’t bother telling you about the effects of the drugs on me. you wouldn’t believe it anyway. ) They never had to prove any kind of “illness” . The subjectiveness and opinions of people who spent no time concerning themselves about any aspect of me and the DSM was all that it took to ruin my life. No science needed.

    (BTW – I am not anywhere close to being any kind of criminal or violent person. Yet police felt it necessary to cuff me and take me away. Numerous times.)

    Good luck with your theories.

  • I am wondering if the writer is trying to dispute the harmful effects that are clearly stated in a package insert for any psychotropic drug. These drugs are made to and meant to target and effect the brain. That is the actual theorized purpose of them. There is plenty of research about the harmful effects. A good starting point would be to look at clinical trials and then maybe the FDA database of harmful effects reported. Also, keep in mind that many people do not actually report the effects of the drugs. Actual research and statistics about that can be found just as Robert Whitaker has done.

    Perhaps you might want to look at the evidence because it sounds like your thoughts about those harmed by psychiatry are speaking out unnecessarily. I, personally, would like to see more of us conveying our stories so that attitudes like yours and from people with no lived-experience as being a psychiatric treatment receiver would see the real picture.

    I will bluntly tell you that in my opinion your theory is incorrect. We do NOT “ institutionalize” ourselves. And I will inform you that many people are greatly harmed by psychotropic drugs. That is an actual fact and not theory.

    Also, I wonder if the writer could point out the studies that will back the thought about the term “genetically-impaired brains”. Has new scientific information been found that validates any kind of genetic link? Please correct me if I am wrong but I am certain that is an unproven theory. My opinion is that trying to find (unsuccessfully) some kind of genetic link to what psychiatry calls “mental illness” is being done to provide some kind of validation for the practice of psychiatry. There is no scientific way to validate it. And the acts committed by psychiatry are, in my thoughts, nothing less than criminal.

    I can speak directly about being “zombified” by the drugs forced on me and I will point out that I did not ask for it. I was involuntarily drugged and I was greatly harmed by the drugs.

    I am very capable of following a logical thought process and therefore I was unable to follow your conclusions hence, these comments are given by “my authority” on the topic.

    The fact that the DSM is called a medical model approach does not actually make that statement true. If it is a medical model as stated please tell me where the actual science of medicine is contained in that book. I would like the APA or anyone that agrees to explain and scientifically support the claim that “mental Illness” (not my term) is the same as having diabetes.

    Perhaps the DSM could include statistics about actual death rates about FDA approved psychiatric drugs. Maybe not, it seems that there is no focus on the fact that real people have been killed by these drugs yet they are still allowed to be marketed. The profit from the drugs seems more important than actual real lives that have been lost to them. One or two lives don’t matter in the whole scheme of things? That seems to be the general attitude if even thought about by anyone.

    Where do I cast MY vote to discard the DSM? I would like to see that done because there is no biological basis for it in the first place. There is no actual proof to the theory that exists and because of the DSM much harm is done to people. That statement is a fact and not theory.

    I apologize for saying this but because of trying to follow your theory about “institutionalization” I have determined that you might want to consider trying to strengthen the left hemisphere in your brain before making any further suppositions. Maybe a drug cocktail could help with that. The possibilities of combinations of the drugs in it are infinite. If you can think after being on the cocktail of drugs for a time then write about your perspective about that experience.

    I wonder who and how it has been determined that you have any kind of authority about this topic or why anything should be considered “your authority”. You actually have no authority whatsoever so please do not think that you do. People with lived experience of being psychiatrically drugged are the ones that have the authority on this subject matter and are more qualified to speak about the problems that exist and to talk about our own unique circumstances and are apt to accurately present things. Please do not continue to define us with any further cookie- cutter descriptions or opinions.

  • I am someone who was forced in to treatment, both in and outpatient for the good part of 15 years.

    I am now taking a low dose of medication at this time for fear of being locked up again. I still feel as if I am forced because of the potential repercussions of not taking the drugs. I would like to come off of them but fear stops me. I know it doesn’t make much sense to be taking medications and be against them at the same time but fear is a powerful thing.

    I can say that even in the private sector, there is no such thing as informed consent. I have informed myself.

    I am very much against force!

    I would like to fight, as peacefully as possible, for my rights and those of others who are still being forced in to treatment. And for full and true informed consent for all! (Sorry, but I don’t know if could be locked up in jail.)

    I would love to join a Network Against Psychiatric Assault!