Sunday, June 20, 2021

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  • You most likely had a bad TMS doc James. If they over stimulated in the right area I could see the effects coming out like they did for you. Not only that they used a Neurostar on you. Those machines are famously outdated. Everyone tech in the field knows that.

    A good TMS doc will not have a Neurostar and they would use precise positioning.

  • You’re right James I don’t have to believe you and you dont have to believe me.

    Although there are thousands and thousands of research articles that dont report any such effects from researchers who have nothing to do with any profit motive and are just curious neuroscientists. Millions of people have had this therapy world wide.

    Your effects wont last long enough for any lawsuit to happen. Theyll be gone by the time you get your day in court.

    We can leave it at that. I trust in the science.

  • “Best bet James, have a bigger bank account that the TMS company. It’s the only way you will be able to obtain efffective legal representation.”

    Not hard to do Boans. There’s maybe 6 major TMS companies and most of them are tiny.

    It seems as if you are talking about Big Phara which has billions as its disposal. But if you look at the market TMS companies are tiny without the financial resources to do what you’re talking about. Maybe one stand out is Neurostar but again they are tiny compared to your typical pharma company so I’m not sure what James or you are referring to when talking about “mass marketing” efforts. Again maybe you’re getting confused about big pharma. TMS companies have no where near the marketing might of even a small pharma company.

  • BTW TMS devices are class 2 medical devices in the same class as electric wheelchairs in terms of safety. The MAUDE database is filled with all patient reports about medical devices. Of course you’ll find adverse reactions across all medical devices. That is the nature of the business.

    Remember this is mental health we’re talking about here. Many of these patients are on drugs legal or otherwise while getting treatment. Many of them are not in a stable state to begin with.

    If I told the doc I was seeing aliens after my TMS procedure they would have to log this in the MAUDE database. These patient reports are not investigated by any authority or followed up with. They are simply reported. It’s a disservice to prospective TMS patients to go digging in unverified databases that would report a person seeing aliens while using an electric wheelchair. Again this is hearsay of mentally unwell patients. None of these cases are investigated, just reported as is requirement for FDA. You’d see this across all medical devices. This is healthcare after all.

    In science this would be called called cherry picking your data.

  • It’s been around since the 80s James. Longer than prozac.

    You had to dig deep because that’s how rare the side effects are. And your sides are only temporary. TMS changes brain state for about 6-8 months.

    “call up the loved ones and family members picking up the pieces from the suicide of their loved ones that occurred as a direct result of their TMS treatment”

    This is simply false. Again this claim has no sources to back it up. Just hearsay. If TMS were this bad you would see case reports all over the internet like you do with prozac (of which listed side effects include suicidal ideation). Drug companies have far more resources than do TMS companies to scrub bad reports. TMS companies are tiny in comparison to big pharma. They simply would not have the resources to scrub online cases like big pharma would. So I ask you again. Where are all these negative side effects you’d expect to find online?

    TMS has been widely used in research labs all around the world since the 80s, and widely used in clinical settings since the late 90s.

    MRI machines use the same magnetic fields but at much higher intensities. Serious question: have you seen any negative effects from MRI machines on people?

  • Magnetic fields used in TMS are weaker than an MRI machine by orders of magnitude. I don’t recall reading anywhere that MRIs damaged anyone’s brain.

    If you look at the science and research studies it’s physically impossible for TMS to damage the brain as practiced. Any physicist or scientist in the field could tell you that.

  • TMS is well tolerated and is very safe compared to drug alternatives. Your experience is rare and temporary. I’m a TMS tech and have done sessions for hundreds of patients who say that TMS saved their lives.

    Google Prozac negative side effects and you will see 1000s of articles with negative side effects. Google TMS negative side effects and you’ll barely find anything. TMS has been around since the 80s. If it was as bad as you claim this all would’ve come out by now, just like it has for prozac.

    “you can stop taking the pill and your body will naturally flush the chemicals out of your system in time.”

    This is false. Prozac does permanently damage chemical pathways in the body. Don’t ask me, ask a scientist and they’ll tell you the same thing.

  • Your husband and son would most likely benefit from TMS. Just google TMS research. You’ll have a hard time finding negative effects simply because there aren’t a lot negative effects to report.

    You can even follow some of the links James posted which actually contain mostly positive experiences.

    What James experienced is most likely purely temporary. It will go away. Most people do not experience that. I’ve seen 1000s of these sessions first hand (I’m a TMS technician) and it has saved the lives of countless vets and children alike.

    James’ experience is not the norm. That’s why it’s so hard to find articles like this online. But go ahead and search for negative side effects for prozac or adderall (which James claims have no lasting damage without any sources) and you’ll see thousands of articles.

  • “When you are taking an anti-depressant or other pharmaceuticals, you can stop taking the pill and your body will naturally flush the chemicals out of your system in time. With TMS, there is no way for your system to do that.”

    Thank you. This made a lot of sense. When I read this statement I immediately dismissed the rest of the article because factually it’s simply untrue.

  • James is not the norm.

    I’ve seen 1000s of these done. I’ve done hundreds of sessions on myself personally. The effects are only temporary. Most people would LOVE for the effects to last longer.

    Do you know how many lives big pharma has ruined? TMS is basically harmless and in most cases it actually works and works well.

    Do your research. Your husband and son would most likely benefit from TMS, as would you. Just because you read one article on the internet does not make it true. Please google TMS research and you’ll see just how promising of a treatment it is. James has done a disservice to others with this article. His experience is not the norm. Not by a long shot.