Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • @Sam; You didn’t read their comment right. Jj specifically said “damages”. “Damages” and “changes” are completely different words. TMS does change the brain in that it clears the way for new neuropathways to form that allow you feel better. The science of TMS was completely left out in this article and it’s very disappointing.

  • Wow. What a damaging article this is.

    Look, I’m not denying or invalidating your experience. But this article is full of misinformation and just a complete lack of understanding on TMS.

    What you experienced is not a result of TMS but simply a bad location.

    For starters; if you have a bad mapping it can create issues instead of fix them. It can exacerbate anxiety and depression. A good doctor and tech knows this and will be able to catch on to this and remap.

    Secondly, in the contract you sign there’s supposed to be a section that they strongly recommend wearing ear plugs BECAUSE the sound the TMS machine makes can damage hearing.

    Thirdly, the fuzzy woozy feeling IS normal but it should not last any more than 2 weeks. If it lasts longer, then that is a sign that the mapping is wrong. Again, a properly educated doctor and tech should know this.

    Fourthly, if the machine is not calibrated properly, it will cause harm.

    Bottom line: it’s not TMS’s fault that caused all this. It’s bad psychiatrists who aren’t well informed and who ARE only in it for the money and improperly trained techs who aren’t doing their job right. I have experienced that towards the end of my own TMS treatment after my favorite techs and psychiatrist quit as a result of mismanagement and improper care and have since followed my psychiatrist elsewhere.

    The facility you went to is a bad facility. Period.

    But again, it is NOT TMS’s fault. I owe my very life to TMS. Without it I would have killed myself. Before TMS I had a suicide plan. I was ready to end it all. I had said if TMS doesn’t work then I’m out. TMS has revolutionized and changed my life completely. I feel reborn in a way.

    I get that you’re angry but this article is very damaging to people who could really benefit from TMS. You can talk about what you experienced without making the assumption that it was directly TMS’s fault.

    TMS IS low risk. *WHEN DONE PROPERLY*.

    I’m sorry for your experience but please consider the damage your article is going to cause.