Saturday, November 26, 2022

Comments by Cessna

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  • Can anyone please cite a program(s) which can empirically establish that it fosters recovery by any definition? It’s dismaying that decades into the Era of Recovery providers broadly assert that they foster recovery but can evidence it anecdotally, narrowly or not at all. Provider evidence typically begins and ends with “Let me tell you the story of Billie” at best.

    My peers and I now suffer the added burden of failing a system which ensures the resources and approaches necessary to aid in recovery. We’ve been here before. We can remember when medication was always safer and more effective and we could be accused of failing our medication. When one putatively transformational era flowed into another: Psychosocial rehabilitation, evidence based services, best practices, recovery, wellness. The impact was no more then when we went from being patients, to recipients, to clients, to consumers.

    It would have been nice if the vision of Deegan, Anthony and so many others had become our reality.