Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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  • I covered a lot of pain with daily cannabis use. About 8 weeks ago I stopped cold turkey. I was able to stop because I consciously chose. Daily I wrote and said aloud ‘I choose to stop smoking daily’ a few days of saying this intention worked. Within a few days of stopping I felt no call to use it any longer. I did however begin to eat like crazy. Again I set the intention and I feel the peeling away of this addiction.

    Instead of picking up a new way to cover up the problem I am consciously choosing to get to the source. This article is one of those blessings of support that just sort of crossed my path perhaps because of my deep desire/intention to really overcome all the emotional pain I eat or smoke to cover up.

    I really dig and feel inspired by what your putting out thank you. And also I want to add I really enjoyed your talk on Madness Radio. Good stuff.