Monday, July 4, 2022

Comments by JA Harvey

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  • PS How come no one ever talks about the real problem – that almost half of Americans can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie. It’s beyond sheer ignorance. Many of these folks behave like cult members, brainwashed quite effectively from endless right wing media drivel.

  • Gracie, I agree.
    By mid may there will likely be 100,000 people dead from the virus in the USA. Many of those deaths avoidable had there been competent leadership.

    The country is burning down with an Adderall addled madman at the helm directing the torching. And, what does the defacto authority on mental health do, the APA and their advocates? Nothing? No, worse than nothing. They advise everyone, including the press, to just IGNORE the arsonist as he goes about his business of ‘killing people’ despite the fact that we’re all witness to the daily carnage. No big deal, if they can’t officially pin down what’s wrong with DJT, just ignore it. Oh, and don’t listen to anybody else either. Business as usual.

    To Lee’s credit, her predictions about trump’s ‘dangerous’ proclivities proved accurate. Sadly, we’re still not listening. If there is nothing to be done about removing an incompetent and dangerous POTUS people should have ‘at least’ been paying more attention to the warnings and preparing to mitigate the dangers. Instead, they’re left to pick up the pieces (and the bodies).

    I worry that trump is at the precipice of moving from the “mass killing” phase (dispensable reelection casualties – seniors, front line medical workers, people living in blue states), to the “genocidal phase” (groups he doesn’t like or care about – refugees, people of colour, immigrant workers, prisoners, democrats, etc). What will Americans do. Nothing. They’ll just sit back twiddling their thumbs, navel gazing and talking endlessly about how this not what America is – and do nothing about it.

  • You have made more ‘practical’ sense than many commenting here. After having gone through all the thoughtful professional opinions, I feel like I’ve just learned that the field of psychiatry is actually a whole lot about “nothing” (like the Seinfeld show). Actually, watching Seinfeld one probably gets a clearer understanding of human nature than delving into the field of psychiatry which seems to be about formulating opinions on a premise that is not scientifically ascertainable (and then arguing about it ad naseum).

    But, it would seem to me that an obvious function of the field would be “observation” and the pursuant obligation to “warn” us of dangers that foreshadow extreme acts of cruelty or destruction, acts that place individuals or entire societies in peril. Who, if not mental health professionals, to help identify traits/markers so as to protect society from individuals who manifest harmful or dangerous proclivities, to themselves and others. What about the guy who pulls up to the outdoor rock concert with a truck full of AK47’s and plenty of ammo. Is that a red flag? He hasn’t done anything, nor received a diagnosis from an in-person consult. So does he now get to go about his business of shooting people? No. Often when people start doing things it’s too late. His wife could of told you but he killed beforehand.

    As for the malignant narcissist – this is not just about ‘bad behaviour” as some have postulated. This is about individuals whose identifiable traits are abhorrent, particularly alarming in a leader or those in powerful positions. These are not simply the offences of a selfish “a_ _hole”. Calling Hitler a “jerk” seems an overwhelming understatement. Stalin, Kim, Putin, Hitler: idiots, morons, nincompoops, slim balls, does not begin to cover the situation. Who and what they are is more closely aligned to a societys’ (universal) notion of evil – monsters devoid of humanity, conscience and empathy who have acted out in “measurably” harmful ways. They can’t and should not be ignored. And, who will sound the alarm bells? Thank you Dr. Bandy X Lee – at least you tried.

  • Having met several so-called malignant narcissists throughout the years, I found it helpful to learn that the eerily common set of behaviours these people exhibit has been researched, catalogued and given a label. By giving it a name (doesn’t matter to me if it’s a quasi medical label), I no longer have to refer to these miscreants as: “Bone chillingly warped”, “Swirling vortex of malevolence”, “A real sicko, scary sick, evil”, “Writhing pit of vipers ready to devour your soul” (mother,daughter,son ensemble). Now I simply refer to them as, “malignant narcissists”. Boom, covers it all….

  • If that’s the system your forefathers intended, how self destructive and ugly it’s turned out to be. Is greed so powerful a motivator that it overrides all forms of civil responsibility and decency? Sorry, but I actually believed Lincoln when he said, «Government of the people, by the people, for the people».

  • For some reason, Lieberman sadly reminds me of Rudy Guiliani – longing for a return to the spotlight even though he and his dated expertise have been more harmful than helpful. Conversely and in retrospect, the authors of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” offered the most comprehensive evidence of the coming storm, while others; Lieberman, the APA, NYT, MSM etc, simply failed to fully acknowledge the ‘nature of the beast’ and thus ‘failed’ the nation and the nation’s allies.

    Most people generally recognize those who pose a danger to them without having to consult a mental health professional. They are less concerned with the “why” (APA / DSM methodology) and more focused on the actual harm this person’s behaviour will or may cause them (Dr. Lee). In personal relationships the remedy is distance. However, when the obvious danger is coming from a duly elected leader, the consequences are more difficult to avoid (especially when said leader has favourable propaganda media outlets at his disposal and a corrupt/compliant adm).

    To put the whole “dangerous” label in simple perspective, let’s say trump (by lying) assumed a leadership role in a so-called ‘primitive’ society whereby the overall well being of the group was dependant on civility, cooperation and the sharing of provisions. Suppose trump started hoarding all the coconuts because, as leader, he could. Suppose he started bribing clan members to do his bidding with these ill gotten gains. Suppose he started intimidating opponents by selectively dispensing or withholding the coconuts that they now needed to stay alive. Suppose he then started a bidding war by selling those precious coconuts to the enemy clan on another island then doubling and tripling the price for his own people. Suppose as a result these failures, people were actually dying (and to add insult to injury, while the others were out hunting / gathering, he was busy molesting and grabbing the young women on the island by their private parts).

    How long would he last as their leader? Probably not long before they set him afloat in the ocean on an flimsy raft with no food or water. No, complicated laws need be invoked. They would quickly find a way to get rid of him before his “dangerous” proclivities had a disastrous affect on ALL of them.

    Do you think these folks would refuse to take any action because they didn’t have an “in person” clinical assessment of trump’s psychiatric disorders? Do you think their course of action would depend on an analysis of his relationship with his mother, or whether his father was cruel to him, or whether he was properly nurtured as an infant. What would have been useful to know however, was that in his youth he threw rocks at much younger, helpless children – for the fun of it. Had they know that?

    Your esteemed “DANGEROUS” leader: Homicidal tendencies, unbridled anger, revenge, cruelty – it’s all there:
    – “Struck with a broomstick during a fight, he tried to push a fellow cadet out a second-floor window, only to be thwarted when two other students intervened.”
    – “Trump could erupt in anger, pummeling another boy or smashing a baseball bat if he made an out, two childhood neighbors said. In school, he misbehaved so often that his initials became his friends’ shorthand for detention.”
    – “Once when she left Dennis in a playpen in a back yard adjoining the Trumps’ property, Martha Burnham returned to find Donald throwing rocks at her son. “She saw Donald standing at the fence,” Dennis Burnham said, “using the playpen for target practice.”

  • You state, “Whether or not a president is fit to continue in office is an assessment that needs to be made by the people working with him/her at the time, and is ultimately a decision Congress needs to make”.

    The Senate effectively deemed DJT fit to govern by not removing him when they had a clear obligation to do so (impeachment). We now hear Mcconnell, the master enabler, saying he thinks trump’s doing a ‘great job’ handling the coronavirus. Hmmm, what do you do if the senate majority leader is a participant in the harmful behaviour? It is crazy (no DSM category for that) to allow one individual to wield such power. If Mcconnell had done his job and fulfilled his oath of office, trump would have been gone before the virus hit.

    Everyday the media pontificates over and over about DJT’s latest horrors, yet no solutions in the offering, no form of concrete “resistance” to the onslaught other than repeatedly trying to keep up by exposing the lies. Trump is a DANGER to the USA (to my country Canada, and to the world). He won’t be leaving any time soon because your mechanisms for removal never anticipated that much corruption and graft on that grandiose a scale, not to mention a rogue administration, compromised GOP leadership, wacky AG. Yet, as people go hungry, as tax dollars are misappropriated, as the bodies continue to pile up in freezer trucks, morgues and hospitals – there seems to be no solution in sight until November. Really? Seven months (210+ more days of – yes, I will say the word, “insanity”.

    It doesn’t take a PHD to pronounce on DJT’s fitness & mental health. Anyone with half a brain from any country in the world can tell you based on observation alone – DJT is incompetent, unfit, self-serving, mean spirited, corrupt, greedy, unintelligent – and as we are all witness to on a daily basis – DANGEROUS, in fact homicidal. I thank Dr. Lee and her co-authors for at least trying to warn us. They should have included a chapter on mccconnell – no wait, that merits an entire book in itself.
    Your system of govt is broken. I sincerely hope that you one day find a way to remove a POTUS that no one deserves – in their worst nightmare.