Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • What code?

    It seems I didn’t express myself clearly. I don’t personally think Trump voters are more dangerous than any other political group, but that is where Lee’s argument leads if taken to its logical end. Lieberman and co. probably opposed her because they realized that trying to diagnose the entire Republican party as dangerously unstable would backfire spectacularly.

  • It’s very disturbing that MIA would post an article that advocates giving psychiatry the power to decide who is fit to be president and who isn’t. While I have been a regular reader this site for a while, it’s because of things like this and the article that claimed all religious people are delusional that I generally don’t feel comfortable commenting (let alone donating).

    Science has shown that psychiatrists have no more accuracy in predicting dangerousness than the general population. Yet these psychiatrists are trying to claim that their nonexistent “medical expertise” should give them veto power over election results, or at the very least give their political opinions greater weight than those of other citizens. If they succeeded it would be the end of democracy. It is no exaggeration to say they are more dangerous than Trump

    I can only be thankful that the psychiatric establishment chose protecting their current income over trying to seize more power, but I guess they realize that trying to apply the scarlet letter to too many people would create backlash. After all, if Trump is dangerous, then what about Trump voters? If they voted to put someone dangerous in a position where he could cause harm, then they are by definition also dangerous, no?

    Realistically, this has nothing to do with science or medicine. It’s a moral judgment, which everyone is free to make, yet I can think of no group that has so little right to pass judgment on anyone as psychiatrists, who abuse, imprison, torture, kill, disable, and dehumanize people every day. Any psychiatrist who thinks s/he has the moral high ground over Trump is delusional. Maybe they should try taking the plank out of their own eye before labeling others as dangerous on account of the splinters in theirs.

    Imagine what this group could have accomplished if, instead of attempting a political coup for their own benefit, they dedicated their effort to fighting for the human rights of their victims.

    (disclaimer: never been a member of any political party, did not vote in 2016, likely to do the same in 2020)