Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Comments by Frances J. Jenson

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  • OldHead,
    I am so very sorry for your enormous and tragic loss of your mom. May she be resting peacefully now and eternally.
    I feel deeply saddened and incapable of truly recognizing the wealth of emotions and grief you must be experiencing today. I keep thinking what a cruel blow you’ve been dealt. It’s unfathomable, and I am just so sorry this is all happening at the same time to you. 🙁
    I am genuine in my wanting to ask how you are doing? I’ll assume not terrific and you’ve had much better days. I mean no harm or offense, as I simply care regardless of never meeting or knowing one another. It isn’t hard to realize how devastating such events would be on a person. And I guess that’s why I’m writing now.
    I sincerely hope you have loved ones in your life to check on you and support you during this grueling period. Please know that sleep, hydration, and good nutrition are crucial for your sustained health and well being especially during upsetting times that take away appetite and ability to sleep, an unjust reality.
    Please take good care and be sure to love yourself. You need it and deserve it.
    For whatever it’s worth, I am available, should you want or need to reach out via text 301.580.7089 or email to [email protected]
    Again, please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your dear mother. I wish you peace and comfort in future days not far away.
    Warmly, Frances 😉


    I wish to extend my most heartfelt and sincere gratitude to every one of you for giving me the first ever and never thought possible experience of the collective human decency, civility, and unanimous personal high standard of conduct as witnessed above.

    I admittedly type with tear-filled eyes and the overwhelming sensation of joyful delight rendering my complete and total feeling of peace. This conversation has immensely restored my previously sad and regrettable loss of faith in wo/mankind. I am eternally grateful for this and to each one of you for your part in nothing less than an exhilarating, perplexing, enlightening, thought-provoking, informative, educational, logical, methodical, and earnestly written points across the spectrum that are well supported and occassionally referenced. Brilliant!

    As I’ll assume, we all know too well, the world we currently live in is unforgiving, harsh, fast, and in continual moral and ethical decline of fellow humans. No better example than the comments posted throughout the internet and social media.

    Being an empath/lightworker, I am sensitive to the unfiltered, vicious, hateful assaults that are rampant online. Hence, I am very strict about my exposure to such by limiting my time and access. It is within my personal experience and the unhealthy toll it takes that compels me now to express my appreciation for having observed what I have always longed for in my vision of an ideal world.

    In closing, I wish everyone good health, unconditional love, and a life lived with pride and purpose.

    Again, thank you for giving me this incredible experience and a positive leap toward believing it’s all gonna be okay!

    Humbly and respectfully,