Friday, January 22, 2021

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  • Thank you Jennifer for this comprehensive overview. I will certainly use your insights in my work as chairman of the association for tapering medication in the Netherlands.
    A question: what exactly do you mean with ‘slow tapering’ in this sentence:
    ‘Nonetheless, a dizzying array of symptoms have been linked to particular drug classes. For example, withdrawal from antidepressants, even with slow tapering, may cause “anxiety, irritability, agitation,etc.’
    Is this for example the unreliable and risky (because not evenly dosed) counting of beads of effexor?
    I’m asking this because we’re having taperingstrips now to reduce medication as slow as needed.

  • ” I find it disturbing that “care providers” will not acknowledge the side effects/withdrawal effects of these drugs. Of course, if they did, they would have nothing left in their tool box except to actually listen to their patients.” (Temple 1234)

    The good news is, that we have accessibility to small dosages for more than 44 psychotropic medicine, which are not only very helpful to come off your medication, because they prevent withdrawal symptoms, but also seems to be successful in case of protracted withdrawal. For example; it’s possible to come off your effexor from 37,5 mg to 0 in e.g. 3 months. The smallest tablet contains 0,5 mg. When you experience protracted withdrawal symptoms afterwards, you can use e.g. 1 mg during a month. We see good results with this treatment.

  • Hi Lisa; thanks for sharing your story with us. Unfortunately many of the same kind we hear from patients and ex-patients. I think it’s hard to believe that there are still doctors who don’t know about withdrawal.
    Maybe it’s more likely they don’t have a clue how to help their patients coming off their psychotropic medication in a safe way. We must tell them there is a worldwide possibility to prescribe taperingstrips containing pouches with very small dosages of the medication.

  • ‘ It does not result, as most people think, from tapering too fast. It happens even with very slow tapering.’

    But how slow can you taper when you have to go from venlafaxine 37,5 mg to 0 mg in one step?
    The use of taperingstrips makes it possible to reduce in 1, 2 ,3 or more months. Considering the increasing impact of reducing dosages on the receptors with the smallest last steps, we hope (and see in our patients)for a preventive effect on the risk of developing tardive dyskenisia.

  • As a member of the patient association (Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie) in the Netherlands, everyday we see people finally finding the solution to come off their psycotropic drugs safely. How? By reducing their dosage as slowly as they need by using taperingstrips. Doctors can prescribe these strips in order to accommodate an individual approach of tapering to avoid withdrawal symptoms as much as possible, via
    Read the recent article about ‘How user knowledge of psychotropic drug withdrawal resulted in the development of person-specific tapering medication’.

  • Thanks Linda for sharing your story,
    In the Netherlands we have a patients-association for tapering. Already for 44 psychotropic medications are very low doses available (e.g. gabapentin 5 mg) so patients can taper as slow as they need.
    Contact us through: [email protected]