Thursday, November 26, 2020

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  • Hello,

    My name is Eric Gerber. In August of 2012, I lost my brother to suicide. He was not a chronically depressed person. In fact, everyone perceived him to be always happy, always on top of everything. He was having his share of life issues, but was basically getting along well, married with two young boys. Though we didn’t see each other as much as we would like to have, we were best friends.

    Two weeks before his death, he went to a psychiatrist who prescribed him Zoloft, Ambien, and Xanax, without instruction to seek help should he have any thoughts of suicide. There was no follow-up to see how he was handling the medication. As my research has shown me, SSRI drugs can cause an otherwise rational person to have irrational thoughts of suicide, turning off that internal mechanism that tells us that those thoughts are wrong, and in fact, give a person a feeling that suicide is perfectly rational.

    The doctor did not do anything to break official protocol. This is wrong. These drugs, while helpful to many, can be fatal to others, and there needs to be more oversight.

    As a way to call attention to this epidemic we face, I poured my heart in to writing a song for him, for all of us. My goal is to spread the word about the dangers of SSRIs. This song was both intensely painful and cathartic to write and record. I still have never performed it live. Please share this song so the message spreads.

    Here is a link to a website where the song can be both streamed and downloaded for free. Please consider linking to this song on your website. Thank you.


    Eric Gerber