Thursday, August 11, 2022

Comments by Nia Hado

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  • Mr McNeill,

    I attended CQCM with Abe, he was not only a very fine musician, but a great friend to many. When we our little uni community learned of his passing it was a terrible shock and distressing for many to hear that a young life had been ended. Abe showed only kindness and compassion for the time we spent together at uni, nothing was ever a drama and he was only ever too happy to lend an ear, a helping hand or just to hang out and have fun with, yes we knew he was struggling with his mental health but as you mentioned, he thought at that time the meds would help…. if only we knew different and could have stopped this path he went on and could have changed the minds of the health system. There is such a culture of drs just wanting to shove pills down people’s throats in all aspects of medical practice. I do sincerely hope that some good comes of your article and thank you for writing it as a child who has watched her own parents bury their son I can somewhat feel just a small portion of your grief. We all miss Abe and his talents dearly…. NZ healthcare and healthcare all around the world please listen, good people are dying for no good reasons and we can help!

    There is some truth in that song “only
    The good die young”….. In your darkest hours Mr McNeill, please do not be sad he is gone but rejoice he ever was and know that your beautiful son touched the lives and hearts of so many in his short years…. sending all the love and courage your way x