Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • Dr. Tasch-
    First, I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and have not gotten the Covid-19. Second, oh how I wish I worked with you!! I have been a psychiatric-mental health certified nurse practitioner for almost 10 years and during this time, I have had the privilege of meeting and caring for many diverse persons, of varying ages, who have either been labeled as a “Mental illness” or who are seeking clarification and/or assistance in dealing with a “possible mental illness.” I worked within multiple settings such as a psychiatric residential treatment facility and also a primary care provider’s office with numerous MDs. In that setting, I was the consultant for medical doctors and would answer any questions they had pertaining to mental health and its treatments. I also saw patients that these doctors referred to me. I

    I am very grateful that you wrote this narrative concerning mental health and how some psychiatrists view their patients. Even though I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I just do not really fit in with the current corporate healthcare view and practice of psychiatry, itself. I am someone who first and foremost LISTENS to what a person is actually telling me and then I request his/her own opinion of the current concern and/or its necessary treatments. I believe that at one point in each and every person’s life, he/she may experience something that may cause him/her to develop symptoms of a mental illness BUT these symptoms are in response to what has occurred and not a true indicator as to whether or not the person is actually mentally ill or not. Persons experiencing these symptoms are not always mentally ill but instead are displaying normal human responses that may not always be of the same severity as time goes on.

    I want so much to be an advocate for each and every one of those persons I provide care to and this care most definitely does not always include medication(s). I have been practicing within my role as a psychiatric mental-health nurse practitioner working for a large corporate healthcare entity as I described my practice above; however, as a psychiatric NP I am told to only focus on medication management just as most psychiatrists tend to do-not all, but most. Because I refuse to be placed into the mold of the psychiatric healthcare provider who only considers his/her own views of what is best for the patient, ignores what the patient is telling him/her, and continues to write script after script to satisfy the business of corporate healthcare, I have never felt as though I belonged within the confines of psychiatry.

    I would love to be able to help people in the manor that you are able to help; unfortunately, the state I live in is just not that advanced in caring for those who deal with mental illness.

    I believe every person deserves to be heard by his/her psychiatric provider and a therapeutic relationship must develop in order for the psychiatric provider to deliver the best, most individualized care to each person and that is the concept upon which my practice as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is based.

    Again, thank you for sharing this narrative and someday maybe our paths may cross.