Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • Are you ready to join the I.W.W. and sing the International? Or, instead of all that regimentation that is hard to distinguish from fascism, would you consent to have an honest discussion about how we know what we think we know? If we can have such a discussion, I see no reason why we cannot or should not be friends, because, if we can have such a discussion, then we can be united in a noble mission, the pursuit of truth. That mission is the mission for which Socrates gave his life.

    As concerns the COVID pandemic, the first thing I must say is that the government of China responded appropriately, imposing a strict lockdown in the metropolitan area where a dangerous and highly contagious disease was first confirmed to exist, and a nationwide travel ban, but also mobilized the resources of the nation to assure the survival of those who were locked down. The Chinese government built hospitals quickly and supplied them and staffed them, did extensive testing and allowed people who needed to be isolated to really be isolated; the government did not tell poor people living several to a room to isolate themselves and let them figure out how to do it. And those who had severe symptoms were given treatment in a modern hospital with excellent safeguards against infection of staff and other patients. The result is by far the lowest death rate from this disease of any country on the planet! This government of China is rumored to be Communist, so maybe we should sing the International! However, the present leadership of China is also Confucian, which means they appreciate classical music and art, and insist on the aesthetical education of the population, themselves included. The present leadership, like Confucius, believes it must earn the Mandate of Heaven, by promoting the general welfare, by always acting according to principle rather than expediency. And the Confucian gentleman must always cultivate his own moral and intellectual excellence, by seeking the principle of things. Benjamin Franklin, the most authentic of America’s founding fathers, was a great admirer of Confucius, and wrote about this in the Philadelphia Enquirer.

    I see no reason why the U.S.A. should not consider China it’s #1 ally and treat it accordingly. Together, the U.S.A. and China, and China’s excellent ally Russia, and others, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, can work together to conquer disease and poverty globally.