Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • I read here a lot and I have to say as a survivor of psychiatry I’m impressed by your posts. You have a wonderful knack of getting to the point that I really admire.

    I read your bill (very well crafted by the way) and though I am not sure how far it would get, I think it’s worth pursuing.

    The big reason being, if we could get a modicum of support behind it then we could (hopefully) garner media attention. Which would attract more people to the movement. Even with the media being hopelessly biased against us, if they simply retorted against a bill like this it would cue some of the public who have been harmed and don’t realize there IS a movement out there to come looking for us.

    So if we pursued this with the understanding that it might fail, but with the goal of raising awareness among the general public, then I think we could prevent the burnout aspect that would likely arise if we kept the ideals unrealistic.

    And of course you never know, it could wind up succeeding.

  • Another childhood trauma that they rarely acknowledge leads to a diagnosis of “bipolar” in kids is being groomed by the psychiatric industry to be a lifelong patient by being put on “antidepressants”.

    The huge, huge increase in this diagnosis which started in the late eighties coincides with the rise of SSRI “antidepressants”. And no wonder, since they cause mania.

    It is criminal that people of any age who have suffered heinous trauma at the hands of psychiatrists or other “health care” professionals do not have any official means of having that trauma acknowledged. Driving someone crazy with drugs is traumatizing. To stop the cycle of psychiatric abuse this has to be acknowledged. Yet aside from a few industry critics we hear almost nothing about this.

  • “There is no real controversy over whether or not ECT works for depression – it is highly effective.”

    What a joke. That’s why I’ve spoken to three different ECT survivors and been told that not only did it not work, it caused them irreparable brain damage as evidenced as memory loss, and furthermore that it was used on them AFTER they became “treatment-resistant” to drugs, which they later realized was code for the fact that their problems were by that point mostly iatrogenic ones.

    It should be banned for that reason alone. Too many people are being led to believe they are “mentally ill” who actually have drug injuries and they aren’t being told that is the reason, nor has ECT ever been studied (I cringe at writing that, as I don’t think it’s appropriate to subject people or animals to torture methods in experiments) for iatrogenic problems. It’s a hell of a good way to muddy the waters when drug injuries occur. Try suing someone who injured you with a drug after having ECT.

  • I read here a lot but only recently started to comment. This piece is very powerful and beautiful and something I really needed to hear. Thank you. I am a survivor and I’ve been struggling for over a year to write out what the psychiatric system did to me. I continue to encounter problems, one of the biggest being the presumed need to censor the story…but if I keep doing that there isn’t going to be anything left to tell. Reading this I’m suddenly a bit more hopeful that maybe someone would listen.