Monday, September 28, 2020

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  • I actually think this paper is a landmark in Laing studies and deserves a much wider readership than just MIA. One of the themes during the Laing conference on Staten Island this past weekend was about the lack of information about Laing’s practice– both his private practice and what went on in the therapeutic communities he started. Mike Thompson beautifully articulates the components at the heart of Laing’s sensibility about what gets people brought to the attention of psychiatry in the first place:

    “The first concerns how a given person exercises his or her judgment; the second concerns how agitated that person may be; and the third concerns the lengths a given person will go to mitigate his anxiety.”

    I find this to be an incredibly humble, humane, and penetrating way of thinking about those in distress and about how to help them.

    I also find Laing’s comments in the “Divided Self” about the schizoid dynamics at play to be still right on the money. These dynamics have helped me make sense of my own personal suffering and healing journey. Also in my role as a psychotherapist I find that the same dynamics characterize in a succinct way what I see so many of my clients trying to overcome.

    Truly a great post, thanks for sharing it Mike!