Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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  • Hello.
    10 years ago I went through 13 ECT treatments after my meds stopped working and I was suicidal. I was told that ECT was my last hope because nothing else was working for me. I was inpatient at the time and desperate to try anything in order to get out.
    I can honestly say that it worked and saved my life. My meds worked again and I had returned from a crippling state of depression. The only reason treatment was stopped was because my memory was becoming fried. I lost so much, I can’t even begin to tell you. The worst had to be losing all memory of my son’s birth up until his 1st birthday.
    10 years later I still have serious memory problems. It detrimentally affects my everyday life not to mention the havoc it creates at work. My question is, has anyone come up with a way to help people like me? I understand ECT causes brain damage and that there’s not much that can be done. This is just a shot in the dark but has anyone heard of someway to repair the damage?
    Memory loss naturally gets worse with age and it’s making things even worse for me now.
    Thank you in advance.