Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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  • What I meant in my previous comment is that in some situations psychiatric drugs can be useful to control acute symptoms, obviously in the short run.
    Breggin for example says that he sometimes uses benzos when a person cannot sleep. Peter Gotzsche says the same speaking about the risks of using antipsychotics (
    On the other hand some people say that psychiatric drugs have saved their lives.
    I feel that it is essential to give correct information about the risks of using psychiatric drugs, expecially in the long run.
    Psychiatrists and other doctors should explaing correctly the real property and side effects of medications.
    Also, they should explain that psychiatric drugs don’t fix any biochemical imbalance, because no biochemical imbalance has been proven as the cause of mental distress.
    They should also explain that in the long run they produce more harm than benefits.
    As part of their job, psychiatrists should specialize in assisting people with the process of psychiatric drugs whithdrowal.
    This way an individual can decide consciously what is best for her-him.
    Finally, nobody should be forced to take psychiatric drugs.

  • I am Laura Guerra and I’m co-administrator of Mad in Italy with Marcello Maviglia, the author of this article.
    My position about psychiatric drugs and psychiatry is clear as I have translated Peter Breggin’s book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal…
    But I think that it’s quite difficult to avoid psychiatric drugs at all if you do not have the possibility to afford good therapy or other psychosocial treatment.
    What I mean is that sometimes psychiatric drugs can be useful to control acute distress and then they should be withdrawn slowly and gradually under medical supervision.
    Then other interventions would be undertaken to improve and get over the psychological distress.
    For this reason psychiatric interventions are often needed.
    In my opinion Psychiatry and psychiatrists should give support to psychological intervention.
    Regarding the title of the article “We are all MAD, … ” it was meant to stimulate the partecipation of international affiliates of MAD in America to a mutual supportive network. Thank you