Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • I found this page through the UK’s Speak Out Against Psychiatry page. I’m a UK based freelance journalist and am breaking the US sailing feature writing market. I have been entrepreneur for the last 7 years since getting a Master’s in journalism.

    There are many dreams about being your own boss but I would really argue that it is not at all for the fainthearted. It is brutally tough – a lot more in America than in the Uk where we get state subsidy if we take less than $18000 a year in profit.

    You don’t get unlimited days off. You have to work for every bean you eat. You will work longer hours at times for rates lower than the national minimum wage – or maximum working time.

    Some industries expect reputation. I earn $500 an article here in the UK but to break the US market was taking $75.

    Job security? You’re only as good as your last commission. No second goes for failure.

    I’m making a success of myself after 7 years of hard, unremitting graft where I have pushed myself over the edge mentally several times to achieve a goal I don’t always expect to achieve.

    So is entrepreneurship a good way forward for a psychiatric patient? In many ways if you’re tough enough to beat schizophrenia then you are one of the toughest people on this planet. Expect periods of ill health if you go into it because though you are a Titan already – you must push titanically.