Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Comments by Alvaro

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  • Thank you for this article, Mr Levine. It admost made me cry.

    I really like your point out that being an anarchist is something related to the spirit. This feelings of despair and anxiety are quite real to me, this feeling of “not belonging” to society, getting weird looks and even laughter and scorn when you talk about how you feel things should be are extremely frustrating, and you end up believeing you are the one to be wrong, that maybe there is something in your head that is not working propperly. In the best cases, you receive sufficient looks, people who tells you that you will grow up and realize that some ideas are childish and unrealistic. But then you look at them and see how desperate and sad look their life, and it’s so confusing! You know that you’re feelings are not “wrong”, but then everyone who is supposed to guide you through life in your early years is unconsciously despising you and telling you to drop your deepest feelings, and it really hurts. I never came to the point of being diagnosed, but actually the worst diagnose is the one you give yourself. I guess even when you are not diagnosed by a psycologist, the whole society around you keeps diagnosing you all the time…

    Being anarchist is hard even here, in Barcelona, the city that witnessed a full Anarchist revolution less than one century ago, so I cannot imagine how hard it must be in USA. I hope this ideas in your article spread, and I truly hope that there are more professionals around there who think like you. Not only among psychologists, but everywhere.

    And again, thank you.

    P.S: I’m afraid my english is not as good as I’d like it to be. I hope I have not commited too many grammatical sins!