Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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  • Will was also shuttled among counselors/psychiarists — and treated like teh scourge of the Earth —- I have not addressed these so- called professionals yet —-but do plan to ——- My son came to my husband and me seeking help ——- What he got was placemnet in an out-patient program — thrown in with court-ordered drug addicts and other misfits; talked down to — was shown NO compassion whatsoever — not treated like a human being in need of counseling (and the psychiatirst office had thooughly questioned him before this) —— he attended one day — and came home and told us he would never ever go back to this so-caled ‘reputable facility again —— they kept our 1100.00 — gave us the run around every time we called —— such a heartless environment with the tremendous responsibility of caring for and helping the fragile emotional state of a young man. My son was an Eagle Scout, never been in trouble with law enforcemtn—- highlt intelligent, was about to graduate from his heating and air conditioning program; nearing gettting married —– sooooo talented —- at the age of 22, he left a legacy — so many people attended his funeral and visitations —– so many grown men crying from the unjustified loss of such a remarkable young man — He was known (even at the tender age of 22) to be honest, dependable, mature, always ‘there’ to help anyone —- a great listener —- quiet —- never boasted nor bragged — just wanted to be happy and to live a simple ordinary life with his family—- Yet, the psychological professionals treated him like a nobody —- like a loser. I am so angry recalling his pain and loss of trust for those who were suppose to help him.

  • Thanks, Maria —- I would love to communicate further — need to catch up on some things – school and bills — can’t complete anything these days — then, i plan to read all of your articles — also, read my son’s journals, do some research —— one thing I’ve tried (in vain, thus far) to do is to find or recover his facebook page or maybe icloud page — he had recorded himself playing the guitar and and singing a song he had written. I miss my son so badly —- I know you do as welll — I have a daughter — and I feel like she has been cheated not onl by the loss of her best friend, but with having 2 parents who are so totally heartbroken, htey can’t be ‘there’ for her. Thank you, again — for your form and yourquick reply — with contact info. valinda

  • Hi Maria — it is 2:33 am, I should be in bed as I teach 5th grade students in about 5 hours — I, too, lost a dear, precious son to suicide last May – and feel the same as you do. I have not read every article you’ve written, but enough to know we are on the same page.

    I will finish reading this week — however, your article “How to Parent A Dead Child” and one of your other articles touched on a subject that I am going to pursue —- communicating with my son —— don’t know how —- in what medium, just know I am… I have yet to go through his personal belongings because I feel I am invading his personal space – that he will come home one day… or rather, he is still here in our home. Many people may think I am crazy — and I do not care —— I just know I’ve seen signs, smelled his scents on occassion. I recently logged into his email and saw a ‘draft’ that he composed 2 months ago —- he died last May. For the first time since his tragic death I felt a grain of hope that he is still with me. Oh – and like you, I have never been angry at my precious, kind-hearted son for what he did — I never will be angry at him —- I am angry at myself for not protecting him – or seeing the depth of his pain, etc — whatever, it does not matter at this point — I just know I’m holding to a glimmer of hope we will figure out how we can communicate during this horrible twisted journey we must now travel. Like you, my world is shattered. Will was the best , BEST son any morher could ever hope to have. Thank you for this forum. Valinda