Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • I ask this with respect and genuine curiosity, as I am a relatively new mental health professional: what would be the best and safest response for someone who is truly in danger of hurting themselves or another person due to current terrifying sensory experiences (usually labeled hallucinations) or beliefs that conflict with the commonly agreed upon reality (usually labeled delusions)?
    For context, I work in community-based services in a community that is majority BIPOC. No surprise, many of the organizational staff (especially in licensed roles) are white. My team tries to avoid hospitalizations and use of CIT officers as much as we can, but there are times when our clients’ families or sometimes professionals from our own organization will “make the call” and send someone to the ER for eventual hospitalization due to safety risks. So in an effort to avoid continuing participation with systemic oppressive structures such as psych hospitals, how should we respond in a way that still helps our clients through their acute crises?