Friday, October 22, 2021

Comments by Kerstin

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  • Powerful and riveting article, Andrew, thank you for passing onto me. I feel fortunate to work alongside you at the agency and fully align with the integrity and spirit you bring to the clients.

    Your article expressed the tactic we have been falling back on as a society, where we so easily confuse treatment with sedation. We leave our critical thinking caps at the door when it comes to people with significant acute symptoms, and fall into the trap of seeing folks at one-dimensional.

    I believe that mental health treatment needs to offer interventions that help to restore life processes. Products don’t do this (though meds can help in the short run in certain situations), but thoughtful work carried out be vested, in-touch counselors, community members, etc, etc do. i am excited for how your piece will contribute the a future direction less weighed down with societal interests, for one instead that contains heart and soul.

    My best,