Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • @james hall

    Sorry I don’t remember reading that you took medication. But if you did, did you start to wean off of it before starting TMS? As a sufferer of Tinnitus this crap truly sucks and affects our lives daily. I am part of an Internet forum called tinnitus talk and it’s to help us cope with the daily ring. I also want to start TMS therapy in order to get my old self back that I lost two years ago out of nowhere. I am damaged and I feel this is the last resort after my three medications did not work.

    Do know that once you get tinnitus a significant amount of people have it lowered or go away by six months. After six months tinnitus is considered chronic, but there have been people who got it and beat it two years later. Anti depressant medication can cause people to get tinnitus especially Wellbutrin. Medication induced tinnitus has a way higher likelihood of going away permanently then someone who got it noise induced (like me). In fact one of the many reasons I have not tried more medications is because of the fear of my tinnitus getting worse. It scares the crap out of me and if it ever goes back to that high volume i had before I will not deal with it. Suicide will definitely be an option. Please do not give up hope and I wish you quiet days ahead.