Friday, September 18, 2020

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  • Richard thank you and welcome to your thoughts provoked. they are very interesting and in themselves – thought provoking. Yes your right, sleep was difficult in the early days – mostly because I did not want to miss a beat of the beauty that abounded. I am going to read your comments again and let the thougt provocations percolate – thanking you..

  • Thank you SOO much liberationfromdrugs, you’ve just injected me with another high dose of validation. I appreciate this more than I can say – sincerely. In Irish ‘Go raibh mile maith agat’. Which literally translates to ‘May a million thank yous be upon you’ so Go Raibh mile mile mile maith agat!

  • Alex, you are welcome and thank you. My instinctive answer is that the path follows me when I am in my heart driven self. Also, I once heard someone say that Forgiveness is something that happens and that has certainly been the case for me. It happened during my ‘psychosis’ and so gave me a frame of reference for what it felt like – which gave me the motivation to engage my attention towards building it bigger within over time and experiencing it more and more along – I hope that makes sense. I still experience days where that feeling of forgiveness is as far as Timbuctoo from me, those days however are fewer are farther between thank fek.

  • Annette, I am so glad to read your comment – it brings me right into my heart and makes me want to have a chat with you. Your journey sounds so deep and beautiful, so full of grief and love and art and creation. That you say it mirrors mine gives me that tangy and wide awake head feeling – like my heart is tugging. If you ever would like to zoom room rendezvous – please send an email – [email protected] Please do not feel obligated to send me a mail though, I trust if our paths are to cross again they will as they will and that just is. In any and all cases I wish you so many blessings.

  • CryAngerNow – so much to say in one comment – for one and perhaps most important for me, validating the presence of my emotions when they arrive, in all sorts of inconvenient ways and then taking the time to acknowledge and express them in a safe and as compassionate as possible way. Breathworks are powerful too – you are best to trial and error your own system to see what works and resonates for you…Please check out the links in the essay for more info.

  • WTF!!! Boans – you are right I know how lucky I am and have been in many many ways. Honestly, sometimes I have no words for when I hear what others have gone and come through. It does sincerely AMAZE me how some stand given what they have come and are walking through. Keep walking, keep talking, keep everything, keep going…

  • Sam thanks for this, this is 100% the truth – sure there are common & important threads that connect us but still, the complexity of human life emerges from the sheer complexity of how each individually unique human connects to self and other. I REALLY appreciate you said this – we would do well to tattoo this reminder onto our consciousness..

  • Bowen, I agree, as you know. Its possibly the most important thing – to be seen and heard in ones experience. For me most importantly – by myself, all else came and comes from there. and no, as far as I can tell and recall, I was not a danger to myself before being admitted. That’s not an absolute answer though.